Cybersecurity central pillar going forward


Technological advancement and rapid digitalisation have brought our current world screeching into existence. It is human nature to be passionate in the pursuit of our own progression, our own advancement, and the technologies we have brought to life are the perfect expression of that stubborn pursuit in consistent, vivid motion. The world that exists around us currently is one that is inherently hinged on digitalisation and technologies in many forms. We have created a life for ourselves that is even now continuing to grow more comfortable and more reliable by the minute. And even still, when we are surrounded by so much technological prowess and digitalised grandeur, this is one day going to be considered as the humble beginnings of something far more magnificent. The exceedingly digitally-clad world that we currently exist in is sending us soaring towards a future that is going to be evermore so. It is an intriguing paradox, to say the least; what seems so unparalleled to us now will soon be but a humble whisper.

We are positively surrounded by and even immersed in the waves of technological advancement and digital exploration that form out current reality. We continuously invest more and more time and effort into furthering these prospects evermore, and yet we spend little to no time on average putting in the same effort to ensure that all the time and effort we put in is not in vain. Simply put, we do not put enough emphasis on the necessity of online security. Data is largely considered to be the digital fingerprint, and while this is definitively true, we must also place specific importance on our ability and willingness to protect ourselves in the online landscape. We all want to believe that we have the best security on our side, but then we do not do nearly enough to ensure that it happens. And herein lies the problem, the issue with online security and our current measures of protection against the threats that form.

Enter the topic of cybersecurity. Our digital realities are becoming so intricately detailed that we are becoming addicted to making them evermore so. While there is not necessarily anything wrong with this, it does beg the question: how much data can we input before it comes back to bite us? There is no definitive answer, unfortunately. However, the more we input data, and the less we attempt to protect said information, the higher risks there are. From anti-virus software and free VPNs, to encrypted password protection services, there are many measures out there that we personally can invest in to make our cybersecurity stronger. These measures, coupled with the professional cybersecurity companies and tools, can form the basis for a strong cybersecurity wall against risks and threats. And while no cybersecurity front is going to be impenetrable, this is even more reason for us to do everything in our power to ensure our privacy, safety, and security in the online landscape.

The more measures of protection we make use of, the stronger our chances are to keep the cyberattacks and other potential threats at bay. With data breaches becoming more and more commonplace all the time lately, there is simply no room left to consider cybersecurity measures as a bonus or an optional luxury. There is so much information floating around the digital stratosphere that it is near impossible to imagine just how many threats lay out there amid the data. Without knowing the answer, however, one thing remains true and even strikingly obvious: we are all responsible for our security not only online, but always. And when so much of ourselves is increasingly being shared online, this has never been so critically important. One day, the current era in time is going to be a phase in a classroom, a whisper of a time long since passed. Until then, however, we must do everything in our power to protect ourselves and all our devices online.

The world that we have come to know and love is more advanced than ever before, and yet at the same time it is also a glimpse at the kind of technological advancement and rapid digitalisation that will be possible in the not-so-distant future and beyond. Our dealings with technologies, our investments and hopes for them, come on the backs of the knowledge that these technologies will only become more advanced, more powerful, the more time and energy that we put into propelling them further. The life that we have created for ourselves today is one that is going to one day be a reference in a classroom of a time long since passed. With so much reliance on digitalisation even now, cybersecurity must become and thus continue to be one of our top priorities – our very advancement and protection rely on it.

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