Copper becomes globally popular kitchen feature


When it comes to using metals in the home, perhaps the last metal you would expect to be heightened trend all over the modern world, would be copper. A chemical element (symbol: Cu, from the Latin term, ‘cuprum’), copper is a soft, malleable, and ductile metal. This metal is very high in both electrical and thermal conductivity by nature, and is a pinky-orange colour. Wondrous to behold, and useful to its core, copper is a metal that is both durable and warm, making it a multitool in terms of metals as used by humans, both in daily life and in extraordinary circumstances. Within the home, copper has been utilised in practically every room for a while, but it is in recent years that it has become a global sensation in the kitchen – and in homes everywhere, for that matter. People have been using copper for as long as 11,000 years, if archaeological evidence is to be believed (and it should be). But in modern life, copper has steadily operated in the distance, until it positively exploded and made its global return as one of the most highly utilised metals once again.

In fact, copper has become such a global sensation in terms of home feature trends, that the craze has spilled into kitchens the world over – and continues to become more and more popular all the time. Copper is one of the lesser-recognised metals when it comes to understanding and ensuring the overall positive impact that the addition of a metal in the kitchen can have – until now, that is. These days, copper is being brought into kitchens the world over, and it is not at all difficult to understand why, when one takes a step or two back and actually looks at the aesthetic that copper offers, as well as understanding the metal to its inner depths. More than anything else, the dexterity of copper means that it can be moulded, utilised, and represented in multiple finishes. This makes copper a probable metal for multiple uses not only within the kitchen, but throughout the modern household in practically every area.

Polished copper is a smooth, reflective surface, while organic, untouched copper is shimmery and other-worldly. From the sleek to the natural, copper is the metal that can – and does – do it all. And homeowners the world over are realising that more and more. More and more, people are using copper as a statement piece in their kitchens rather than broadly-utilised kitchen accessories. This is a brilliant move, because it essentially ensures that copper will continue to be a timeless classic in the kitchen and not an overwhelming essence that must be removed due to overexposure. Further, copper in its natural state, rather than the mass-produced copper kitchen accessories and features that have become so internationally beloved, is becoming more and more central in kitchen designers and homeowners’ list of priority features in the kitchen.

Further, copper is a practical choice for the kitchen, in addition to being a beautiful one. The natural antimicrobial properties of the metal are said to resist bacteria better than stainless steel. This is obviously a massive bonus when considering the metal for use in the kitchen, and is playing a significant role in its continuous surge in worldwide popularity in kitchen spaces. Utilising copper in the kitchen is a trend that is constantly be on the up and up. From splashbacks and benchtops, tapware and popular kitchen sinks, and everything in between, copper has been changing people’s perceptions of it in recent years, entirely and without exception (well, for the most part). Copper is a metal that requires a leap of faith when considering it for utilisation in the kitchen (or anywhere, for that matter), but it is a leap of faith that is nearly always (if not always) met with the utmost success.

The use of copper in human life is by no means a fresh concept, but it is in recent years that it made its grand return as one of the most highly utilised metals in the home, everywhere around the world. Even to the point that it has now become one of the most highly utilised metals in the kitchen. The utilisation of copper in the kitchen is everything, from the touch of luxury that comes with a copper splashback, to the added magic of copper tapware and kitchen sinks (and everywhere in between). The pinky-orange colour of copper means that it has, in the past, fallen into the background against other metals like chrome, silver, or even gold, but now copper is finally getting its shine recognised and adored all over the world. Copper in the kitchen is a bold move, but when done just right, it is a move that always pays off handsomely. The time for copper to shine and sparkle is finally here, and kitchens all over the world are rejoicing and embracing its bold yet warm feel.

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