Business branding begins and ends with the name


When it comes to creating a successful business, it is all about branding. No business idea survives if the branding surrounding it is weak or unfocused. In fact, strong branding can bring a not-so-great idea back from the brink to have a second chance. Regardless of the industry the company is rising from, branding has always been immensely integral. For every company, and in any industry, forging a strong and positively received business identity is the single most important part of keeping a business alive. At the core of every business is its name. It may sound like a simple-enough prospect to nail down, but in this digital era where the internet, ecommerce, domain names, social media handles, and trademark conflicts (among other issues) reign, coming up with business name ideas is an art form. With over half a million (540,000) new business owners launching their ventures every month, mastering the art of conquering the business name is more difficult than ever before. Your business’ name is the essence of your brand, and it pays to get it right. When it comes down to it, business branding is the glue that keeps a company together. And the sealant on that glue is the business name.

Aside from the obvious cautions surrounding trademarking issues, a solid business name should realistically be short, sweet, and unique. Why? Because long names are difficult to remember, and generic names are boring and do not grasp prospective consumers in the same way that outlandish names do. Having a short business name means that your website will be easier for consumers to recall, and you will be more likely to jump up the SEO brackets as well – and in this modern era of increasing technological input, being able to increase your business’ standing in search engine optimisation platforms is business branding gold (solid gold, at that). It is hard to find a business name – that is a given – in this modern age, so perhaps it is best to start backwards and go from there. Flesh out your target demographic, your mission, your company culture, what it is you want to create a solution or bridge a gap for. Often, this strategy can lead one back to a business name that seems obvious (hindsight is 20/20, after all).

The most memorable businesses have a story attached to them. Some business’ story lies in their connection to a chosen charity, while for others it is a branding concept that sets them apart – like the business name, for example. What impassioned you to create the business? Why are you here? What do you want from this venture? How can your solution help the world? Thinking about all these questions, write down the answers. This is the foundation for your company’s culture. This is where the business branding kicks into high gear. If there is a story that has in some way shaped your perception of what you want the business to be, then build your name around that story. Some of the most renowned companies have built their business names around a backstory. This is not even intentional most of the time, but good business owners know that every business has a backstory…so why not make that backstory your front and centre? Name your business after your story, and a world of success awaits.

Business branding is so important because the soul of every company relies on that company having a strong, capable understanding and approach to how their business is perceived. It does not matter how strong the business concept is, without adequate branding even the best businesses can and do fall flat. In short, every business centres around the consumer. Having a name for your company that is long, boring, or otherwise unremarkable makes it easier for prospective consumers to forget about you. One of the most unique, sure-fire ways to ensure that prospective consumers and the competition remembers you is to create your business name from a non-dictionary word. Why? Because doing so gives you complete ownership of the business name, freeing up social media handles, domain names, app names, SEO domination, and differentiation. Consumers will remember your crazy business name, and industry pros will envy it.

The world has changed drastically over the past few years, with the realm of business shifting and realigning along with it. The world of business is evolving, and at the centre of all this realignment is business branding. In short, even the strongest business concepts will not survive without adequate branding that meets, and even exceeds, expectations. At the core of good business branding is the company’s name. It may sound simple, but considering we live in a world that is more interconnected and efficient than ever, naming a brand is an art form. Over half a million business owners and entrepreneurs launch their businesses every month, and so it has never been more important to truly set your business apart. Being unique, being memorable in this limitless world takes dedication, determination, and perseverance. At the core of it all lies the business name. Master your business name, and the entire company’s business branding falls into place.

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