Brian Hong from Infintech shows how businesses can improve their online presence


As we continue to evolve, grow, innovate, and inspire in the 21st century, so do our surroundings, culture and the way we communicate. As the digital age of communication continues on it’s road to fostering humanity in globalization, the complexity and amount of content saturates the internet. It almost seems as if the internet is a limitless place where it can be difficult to eventually scour every corner and read every bit of content. The internet is stock piled with endless content that requires a certain type of person to know how to filter through that content. More is not always better, but it is what we are dealing with.

As businesses take to online communities, websites, and social media to brand themselves, they are faced with the harsh reality that coming in at the top of a search engine is difficult with out the right strategies. Fortunately, with the popularity of global communication on the internet, experts are diving in full force with information, guidance, and even companies that can help businesses grow and manage their online presence. Social media marketing is more than a few lines of text and emojis; it’s return on investment.

For one guy, he understood the value of his creativity, expertise, and aspired to be an internet innovator, creator, and helper in his field. Brian Hong and his company InfiniTech Designs help clients make the most of their digital marketing strategies. With a wealth of knowledge and a team of professionals, they offer a full-facet approach to their services. Hong knows how to be a tech industry leader and understands what it demanded of his team and their skills.

When it comes to marketing today, it is vastly different than even a decade ago. Job postings for marketers demand that they understand online marketing and social media’s role in a brand’s reputation and value. For companies and agencies to thrive in a capitalist economy, it’s imperative that they nail their strategy. With something like Hong’s company, they can pick from a variety of services that are tailored to their needs.

For example, some companies might have a strong and consistent social media presence with a fair amount of followers, but their website might not show up in organic searches. For Hong and his team, they can step in with some SEO (search engine optimization) strategies and tactics to help them succeed in their marketing goals. The issue arises when companies think there is one way to conduct a marketing plan or have a digital media strategy. The unfortunately reality is that every company’s marketing plan or strategy is going to look different. Marketing is about having a full understanding of your audience and product.

Marketers used to be able to few demographic stats and assumptions and go from there with a print advertising strategy. The silver lining for marketers in today’s world is that they have the data available and they know how to use it as a tool to get their clients where they want to be when it comes to internet marketing.

If all this data is available, then why don’t companies just do it themselves? The reason someone like Hone is so successful in his business, is that he understands it takes a thorough approach to develop these strategies. Many digital marketers and or tech leaders have academic degrees from accredited higher education institutions. For this reason, they spend time and money going to school to learn the theories, softwares, and tactics to help them succeed in helping others. Marketing requires a logical and creative person that knows how to research an audience and then speak to them authentically behind a keyboard. If marketing was easy, everyone could do it.

Luckily for businesses that find companies like the one Hong’s created, it allows them to find clients that they can build a genuine connection with. Great business relationships can lead to success for both teams. When a client is transparent, humble and willing to work with an awesome company, both parties will be satisfied. When it comes to the unique world of marketing, many people are willing to come together and tell others about the wonderful things they are doing. After all, the generalized version of marketing is getting people to see, hear, or know about your product or service. Hong’s company has numbers to back the successes of their campaigns. They understand the value of research and data to gain more web traffic, more likes, more link clicks and followers. A brand is so much more than just a product or a service. In the digital age of communication, a brand is heavily preceded by its online reputation. For people like Hong, he dedicates his career to helping people and companies market their passions, products and services. Marketing is the backbone of any business, and the forefront of expert strategies.


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