Are public pools really that safe?


Very few summer activities come close to the joy of spending a day by the swimming pool. It is something that tends to bring families, friends and loved ones close together. Whether it is a day out at a hotel pool or gathering at a home equipped with one, the day is one that appeals equally to all ages.

Generally accompanied by a wholesome meal and sometimes a few drinks, the day seems like an ideal way to spend time away from the pressures of work, school or any of the burdens from our daily routine. It is the peculiar effect the water has on people. It seems to wash the stress away.

Unlike the carefree attitude children have towards jumping into almost any water body available, sometimes adults, especially parents might not be as easy going when it comes to taking a dip. They have a few concerns that might need to be addressed first. Just having access to the realities of the matter makes it difficult for them to calm their mind. Knowing what we know, the skepticism is completely justifiable. Especially if it is a public pool.

By this time, the age old problem of urine in swimming pools is well documented. Right from Olympic swimmers who have admitted to reliving themselves in a pool to your next door neighbor, who may not necessarily be a child, urinating in a pool is not a new phenomenon. Being wary of the cleanliness of a public pool is not being paranoid but just realistic. The horror stories that people come away with are far too common to disregard.

Apart from the cleanliness, public pools also have another issue that most of us have dealt with. A slew of strange characters that frequent.  While most of them range from being amusing to mildly intrusive, there is always some sort of wariness when it comes to strangers. People are not willing to take a chance exposing themselves to the risk of some malicious behavior coming from these characters.

These are just some of the reasons why people are weary of using public pools. Given the state of affairs, a pool in your own backyard has been one of the luxuries that are well worth the space and money they consume. Not only for the owners themselves but for a close circle of friends and family, the pool is an oasis where people can come together. Not only is it likely that care goes into keeping a clean pool but also, not having strangers in the vicinity is priceless allowing people to really let their hair down.

Not only is a swimming pool at home a great recreational space, it is also a great way to keep fit. For people of all ages, and fitness levels, swimming is considered one of the best exercises available. It works most muscle groups in the body as well as ensures a great cardio work out.

Depending on the level of training, tools such as the Remco Swimjet system are great additions to the pool allowing for a serious workout. It allows people to tailor the intensity of their swim drastically without the need to expand the size of the pool.

One of the often ignored aspects of access to a pool is the close bonding it creates for parents and their children. Most parents will attest to the fact that any time they can spend with their young children is priceless. Teaching a young child to swim or merely spending time with them in the water becomes an experience to be cherished. By its nature, the pool creates an environment that tends to make it easier to forget about the schedule that governs the routine of our daily lives. It allows focused time free of distractions that the family can simply enjoy with one another.

Generally, in bigger cities where space is at a premium, pools inside homes are not as common. Still people that care enough will generally find access to a pool that is clean comfortable and convenient. It might be their local gym, fitness center or a health club they get membership for, there are always options available. For those fortunate enough to have a pool at home, it is important not to take it for granted. Every time a pool gets neglected over the years, the owners are depriving themselves and those close to them of a wealth of experiences. There are no excuses.

The next time you are considering when you should make your next visit to the pool, whether it is in your house or someplace else, remember the answer is simple. If you are considering it, the visit is already due. Make the trip as soon as possible. When you do, remember to stay safe and most importantly have fun.

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