Air Charter Service’s Aviation Scholarships and Grants

ACS’s Aviation Scholarships and Grants

Young people doing group study in library.Leading private jet, cargo and group charter specialists Air Charter Service (ACS) is committing to the integration of the aviation industry, education and training. So much so that we are reinvesting and supporting the next generation of aviation specialists and aerospace scientists through a series of scholarships and grants that will ultimately enable our industry’s sustainability, innovation and growth. For more information, check out our Aviation Student Grants from ACS page, and continue reading our guide on how you can get involved.

Air Charter Service’s Story

In 1990, ACS founder and chairman Chris Leach, and his wife Tina, founded a small startup business in their basement. At the time they were renting out a room in their house to Justin Bowman, a university student, in a bid to bring in some additional income. While ACS was in its infancy, Chris Leach, in his own words, discovered that Bowman had an “encyclopedic knowledge of aircraft” and thereafter offered him an internship. Leach and Bowman combined their acute understanding and passion for all things aviation and turned ACS into the global aviation leader it is today with Leach as the Chairman and Bowman CEO.

With more than 20 worldwide offices that span six continents, ACS provides luxury travel to the world’s rich and powerful. More than 12,000 annual charters, including cargo charters that come to the world’s aid in times of war, much-needed relief, and natural disasters.

A scholarship or grant from ACS means students can develop their expertise of the aviation industry as well as foster a close relationship with one of the world’s most successful private aviation companies. You, like Bowman, could work your way to the top and go from student or intern to CEO.

Air Charter Service and our students

White Luxury Private Jet in airport hangar. Following in the footsteps of now CEO Justin Bowman is former intern turned Business Development Director Lloyd Robinson. Robinson started his career with ACS as an intern in 2004, his career trajectory enabled him to climb the ranks from assistant to Trainee Cargo Broker before becoming Director of Business Development. Reflecting on his career at ACS, Robinson shares, “Over the past 13 years I have seen the company go from strength to strength,” he continues “ACS has grown from a team of 30 to a company with over 400 employees, and offices across the globe.”

A third former student and intern, David Lewis, joins Bowman and Robinson becoming another integral member of ACS’s staff when he was promoted to Search Marketing Executive. In the word’s of Lewis, “Only a few months into the placement I knew I wanted to come back and be part of the growth of ACS after I finished my final year. This is a testament to the positive atmosphere and excellent working environment at ACS.”

Funding research support, scholarships and grants for students

Here at ACS, we are offering a variety of opportunities to students that will further their academic careers. They are as follows:

  • An Aviation Scholarship of up to $5000 – ACS’s scholarship will be offered to students who create research which is of scientific importance, and produced for a high-calibre publication. This research must have the potential to impact the aviation industry and be published by a reputable journal or organization.
  • Up to $500 grant for students who wish to share their research and findings on ACS’s website. Students who create potentially pioneering and innovative research can have their findings localized and shared across ACS’s multinational websites.
  • Up to $500 Grant to support students whose research has been published. If your research and findings have been published by a scientific publication or journal you could remunerated up to $500. This is subject to the relevance of your potential findings to the future of the aviation industry.

Am I eligible, and how do I apply?

Aircraft mechanic carefully inspecting plane engine using digital tablet.If you are a bright, hard-working, talented student who believes their research can revolutionise and innovate the aviation industry, we are looking for you. You must be enrolled in a fully-accredited program at a university, in a course such as, but not limited to, Airport Management, Professional Pilot, Commercial Aviation, Aviation Management, amongst others. Or enrolled on an engineering program, within the US.

If your research project and eligibility complies with ACS’s regulations, all that is left to do is apply. Carefully and thoroughly compose an application form ensuring it includes and covers all of the following:

  1. Full Name
  2. Contact details
  3. Email
  4. Mobile number
  5. University programme
  6. Research topic
  7. Potential publication website
  8. Existing publications

After completing your application form send it to: All of ACS’s scholarships and grants have a closing date of December 31, 2018. So, please make sure your application is completed before then.

Here at ACS, we are passionate about combining our expertise with the next generation of students passion. This will not only help the lack of funding in this crucial industry, but this proactive approach will bring together the aviation industry and education and training sectors. Become apart of one of the world’s leading aviation companies and get your academic and future career of to the best start possible.

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