Addicted to Escaping Reality and how The Holistic Sanctuary can help


As the world battles raging opioid crises, patients need help to recover. And there are rehab centers which are trying unique strategies to make recovery pleasant, fast and easy

Oftentimes, people create fantasy to escape reality. Bridgett Devone said, “If it doesn’t burn a little, what’s the point in playing with fire?” So, popularized by music and media since the 1960s, drugs became part of the new American culture.

But as generally happens with fire handled without caution, drug consumption gradually got out of hand. A survey by the US Department of Health and Human Sciences, published in November 2015, reported 19.9 million Americans (which is 8% of the population 12 and older), used illegal drugs in the month before the survey. The estimated number of illegal drug users globally, at the time, was 208 million people.  Today, drug addiction has reached epidemic proportions globally. According to the World Drug Report 2018, 275 million people in the world used illicit drugs, such as cannabis, amphetamines, opioids, and cocaine, in 2016. This means that about 5.6% of the global population between the ages of 15 and 64, have used drugs at least once. About 11 million people are said to inject drugs and cannabis is used by 192 million people. The World Health Organization (WHO) notes that about 450,000 people died in 2015 as a result of consuming drugs.

Furthermore, including cannabis, other drugs used across global networks include MDMA, cocaine, amphetamines, LSD, magic mushrooms, prescribed & non-prescribed opioid medication, nitrous oxide, ketamine and poppers. Nothing is off limits and 10% of global drug users buy their stocks on the dark net.

As there are always two sides to a coin, the dark gave rise to the light and rehab centers mushroomed with unique treatments. One of the leaders in the industry, The Holistic Sanctuary, employs the use of medical ibogaine, oxygen therapy and other means of recovery.

When asked why he went down the path of healing, founder of The Holistic Sanctuary, Johnny Tabaie said, “We aspire to offer the most powerful, holistic, natural, and effective healing methods in the world. We also want to lead the fight against opioid addiction that affects so many of our friends in the US” and with the use of pharmaceutical opioids rising to crisis proportions, CEO Tabaie could not just sit by idly.

The opioid crisis has become a grave problem for law enforcement and public health professionals. Different regions of the world are misusing different pharmaceutical products. In North America, it is fentanyl mixed with heroin and other drugs. In Europe the main concern is still heroin and in West and North Africa and Near and Middle East, the substance of concern is the non-medical use of tramadol.

In the US, over 115 people die every day on opioid overdosing. According to the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, North America has the highest drug-related mortality rate in the world, accounting for 1-in-4 drug-related deaths globally.

It has turned into a serious national crisis impacting not just public health, but also social and economic welfare. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, the total “economic burden” of prescription drug overdoing in the US alone, amounts to $78.5 billion a year. This includes healthcare costs, decline in productivity, addiction treatment and criminal justice involvement.

According to US government data, about 21-29% of patients with opioid prescriptions for chronic pain, misuse the drugs.  Furthermore, during the past year, opioid overdoses in large cities increased by 54% in 16 states.

It is unfortunate that most people who actually need addiction treatment, don’t get it, and they feel they do not need it. The surgeon general’s latest report states that only 1 in 10 Americans with addiction are treated for it, and the care given to many is not based on solid evidence.

But there are facilities offering rehab services, and among them, an outstanding luxury drug rehab called The Holistic Sanctuary, is located in Baja, California, along a stretch of beautiful, serene beach of the Pacific Ocean. It is a unique rehab facility, a complete break from the bleak, hospital-like, strait-laced setups that are available for rehab patients. The Holistic Sanctuary blends the physical, psychological and spiritual remedies with luxury, to gently help patients onto the road to recovery.

The facility engages effective and proven natural therapies like the Pouyan Method which uses plant-based medicines and reaches out to the root of issues with therapies to promote wellbeing, rather than merely treating symptoms. For instance, green coffee flushes and hyperbaric chamber oxygen therapy are used to eliminate drug and alcohol toxins from the body.

At the Holistic Sanctuary, as the body is freed of toxins, the mind is allowed a new lease of life with fresh thoughts and perspectives. And the spirit is ready to take on the complexities of the world again.

As Francis of Assisi said, “Start by doing what is necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

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