Adani Group Leading Renewable Energy Charge

Kamuthi Solar Park in India – the world’s ‘largest’ solar power plant – was set up by the Adani Group


To make a significant impact on the world, you must do what no man has ever done before. Gautam Adani is one such individual who hopes to change the world through innovative means. He has seen how clean energy has the potential to disrupt the industry in ways that were only experienced during the era of the steam engine. 

“Just as the steam engine gave the world the foundation to efficiently convert the energy of coal into useful mechanical power, renewable energy is giving the world the means to efficiently electrify almost every known process and India is leading the world through its ability to perhaps produce the least expensive electrons mankind has yet known,” said Gautam Adani, the chairman of the Adani Group.

The steam engine was an innovation which changed the world for the better… and for the worse. Due to large amounts of carbon dioxide emissions, it has irrevocably polluted the expectations of humanity. Pollution became acceptable in varying amounts and in certain industries where it was seen as a necessary evil. Gautam Adani, a man with big dreams and an even bigger heart, wants to hit the reset button on that mentality and introduce a clean and sustainable energy source as the only acceptable energy source.

Gautam Adani, was invited to speak at Singapore Fintech Festival 2020. A first generation entrepreneur who is viewed as a visionary on clean energy, Adani has been pushing for green energy solutions, believing that it is the answer to many of the problems faced today. He went on to explain that by converting to clean and sustainable energy sources, it will eventually, “lay the foundation of “hope” to the millions that have lived their lives lacking electricity,” to Adani, the best course of action doesn’t just benefit investors but most importantly, also benefits the lives of others and improve the quality of their life. 

He spoke about the International Solar Alliance, an initiative spearheaded by India. The alliance plans to reduce dependency on fossil fuels and create a more sustainable and efficient solar energy consumption. Their objective is not to get all developed nations to participate, but also involve developing countries to implement low-carbon technologies. There is no merit to go through the long way when developed countries are able to lend a helping hand in supplying the necessary resources and technologies in order to make the world a better place. 

Being the instigator, India has committed to reducing emission intensities by 33-35% before 2030 and has plans to install 100GW by 2022. Aside from a global impact, these acts will also help remote villages and communities that don’t have access to electricity, be finally connected to the grid. India launched the alliance in Paris, intending to send a message of their sincerity in accomplishing their goal and hoping for global cooperation. 121 countries including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Thailand, and France, Netherlands, and Australia have committed to clean energy for all.

“India’s approach was validated by a very recent BNEF Climatescope study that ranked it as the top emerging market for clean energy, well on its way to meet its goal of 450 GW of clean energy by 2030. The acceleration is unprecedented – As of today, India is already approaching 100 GW of renewable capacity with another 80 GW under construction or tendered out. In fact, India is the ONLY G20 nation whose actions have allowed it to keep its promised rate of decarbonization.” The chairman of Adani Group goes on to add that, “I strongly believe that the marginal cost of electricity will continue to drop sharply as the renewable energy boom accelerates, and India will be the least expensive producer of renewable energy.” Furthermore, “I expect the disruption in the energy markets will create over a trillion-dollar of value over the next two decades.”

“India’s importance to the world’s green energy revolution and its market size is unmatched. Yes, it is competitive – yet it attracted a massive 64 billion dollars of foreign investment over the past 4 years. What personally makes it exciting is the opportunity to participate in this journey and showcase that the Adani Group can establish one of the fastest rates of decarbonization ever witnessed.” A proud Indian national himself, Gautam Adani’s company is playing a significant role on behalf of India’s climate goals. While the company is less than a decade old, it is already making a big difference in the reusables industry. 

Adani Group is a company of diverse trades, dabbling in transport and utility infrastructure. Located in the state of Gujarat, India, they represent a large portion of the country’s initiative in renewable energy. Adani has this to say about their efforts and accomplishments, “Our renewable journey is just five years old and we are today the world’s largest solar power company with 15 GW under operation, construction or contract.”

They will continue to pave the way for their home country, as well as being the industry leader in renewable, sustainable, and efficient solar energy.


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