Abroad study gains traction as popular student path


As the modern world changes, so too does our viewpoint and experiences with it. We currently exist in a time where we have more focus than ever on advancing and improving what we are already working on and experiencing on the daily. Of all the changes in the wind, however, none have had such significant, lasting impact as technological advancement. Technologies have quite literally changed the world and every industry that thrives within it. Technological disruption and digital advancement have been incredibly efficient at changing the world, and that means having changed the industries that operate in the world as well. Of all the sectors that have felt the keen sting of digital advancement, perhaps the most prolific is the education sector. Technology has strengthened global education tenfold, and the changes just keep rolling in.Studying abroad, for example, has become an incredibly popular choice for students the world over. It makes sense why.

The experience of studying while exploring a new part of the world is once-in-a-lifetime, and thanks to technology and social media, the urge to travel has never been more prominent – for students and others as well.Students from all around the world are increasingly opting to study abroad, and the influx has increased over recent years tenfold – and there’s where your foreign hot pickup lines will come in handy! When social media first came on the scene, people were seeing places they had never seen before, and then technological advancement made studying abroad possible, and the idea took off flying. The fact is that studying abroad was not a remote possibility twenty years ago. The concept of being able to study and explore a new part of the world simultaneously would have seemed completely alien – even today, it still does for some. The biggest difference between then and now, however, is the realisation that technology has made something as unbelievable as abroad study a reality for so many individuals the world over.

The general experience of studying overseas is built on the understanding that students will go to all their classes, and be allowed to travel around the area they opt to study at when they have spare time (weekends, semester breaks, etc). While many people argue that this is a bit of a waste of time and money (you obviously must pay for your time as an abroad student, and must spend a considerable portion of your time abroad studying and going to classes), the vast majority have come to the agreement that studying abroad is a great way for students to explore, build their passions, and even network. Studying abroad gives students an incredible opportunity to network internationally that would not ordinarily be afforded to them. While getting an education anywhere in the world is a privilege, the experience of being able to study somewhere new and unknown to an individual is beyond anything else. There is nothing in the world quite like experiencing a piece of it that you have never been to while working on your education at the same time.

While studying at their chosen abroad university, students can attend networking events, mixers, student parties, and seminars (among other events and opportunities). At these events and opportunities, the students are given the unique chance to communicate and introduce themselves with people in their chosen industry that they may never have otherwise encountered. As we all know, the current workforce is more about who you know rather than what you know…you never know which doors and windows your network connections might open for you professionally down the road. This concept alone makes an excellent case for the inherent benefits of pursuing education abroad. Students that study abroad inevitably become more comfortable with getting out of their comfort zones, and the obvious big value in this is that they are better able to make industry connections and back themselves professionally, both during their time as a student and after they graduate and officially enter the workforce ready to kick start their career.

Studying abroad has become one of the most popular travel choices for students the world over. Not only can they experience an academic environment in another country, but they can also travel throughout that country and explore at the same time. In a world that is so inherently focused on carving a path for oneself that is individualistic and wholesome, the concept of studying abroad is a dream come true for many. Historically speaking, up until ten years or so ago, the notion of travelling and studying at the same time was not a remote possibility. Fast toward, to just five years ago, and the concept began to really take flight. Now, it is not just common but almost expected that at least half of the global student population will experience abroad study before they graduate. This is an extremely exciting reality, and one that is increasingly becoming more valuable by the minute.


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