8 Tips to Lose Weight During COVID-19 Isolation


Are you just gaining more and more weight every day as you are isolated in your house? Well here are a few tips that will help you stay slim and healthy.

  1. ​Do Not Skip Breakfast:

As we have no rush to go outside hence most people may tend to get up really late and skip breakfast. To maintain a healthy weight, it is essential that you do not skip any meal hence even if you do not eat a full breakfast meal but at least eat something as soon as you get up to break the long fasting gap after last night’s dinner.

  1. Drink Enough Water:

The biggest mistake people make while at home is to forget to drink enough water. You may not feel much thirsty if you do not go outside hence to avoid skipping the right water intake, fill three bottles of water in the morning and make it a point to finish it off by the end of the day.

  1. Do Home Workout:

Since going out and working out is not a safe option anymore hence focus more on home workouts such as Yoga, Zumba, and climbing stairs for at least an hour every day so you are physically active.

  1. Walk and Talk:

While you may workout at home but the amount of physical activity you may get is not be enough hence try to do household chores by yourself and do not slouch on the couch while talking on the phone, instead, walk and talk which will help you stay more active.

  1. Plan a Low-Calorie Diet:

As you cannot engage in heavy physical workout sessions hence the best way to stay fit is to limit your calorie intake by maintaining a low-calorie diet to keep control over your weight. Your diet should be balanced, which means it should contain fewer carbohydrates and fat and more protein and veggies to keep you full. The best diet that would work for you is a Low Cholesterol diet which is not just balanced but also is heart-healthy which will increase your immunity and keep you healthy.

  1. Keep a Diet and Workout Journal:

You may think you are following a proper diet but may end up binging now and then as isolation at home can be boring hence keep a workout and diet journal to keep a track of what you eat and your activities of every day so that you are vigilant as to what you are eating.

  1. Do Not Buy Junk Food:

The best way to avoid eating junk food is not to buy it as the food supplies are limited right now and ordering from outside may not be an option hence your cravings will only go up. If you store unhealthy food items at home, then you will definitely crave for it. Just do not shop for unhealthy food items and instead store healthy snacks at home.

  1. Sleep Comfortably:

Sleep is equally important for weight loss as lack of sleep will only increase your cortisol levels which is stress hormones and will cost weight gain hence rest as much as you can to eliminate any stress, which will not just control your weight but also boost your immunity which is essential.

Losing weight is not something you should just focus on, instead choose to be healthy and boost your immunity by making healthy life choices that will keep you fit always.

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