15 Best Student Startups From 2000 to 2020

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When you have a good idea, never give up trying it. In our article, we will represent 15 companies that were founded by students. Yes, these were companies without big money at the start but their founders believed it would work out. They had an idea, they had a simple plan, and they knew it must be the beginning of something cool and big. Startups help to revolutionize and change our world for the better. Of course, all of these companies started with college roots and simple plans. Nowadays, most of them are well-known companies all over the world. 

  1. 3dim company. This startup was founded in 2013 by Ahmed Kirmani and Andrea Colaço from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They developed smart devices to use as gesture sensors. It’s very easy to use, and you need only to gesture without touching. These devices work under even a small amount of power, under various lighting, and it’s possible to use it on any smart device, including your home devices. 3D technology is based on special algorithms integrated into any device you need.  
  2. A Small Orange company. This is a web hosting provider founded in 2003 by Hanna Douglas who studied at Duke University. The company started by buying other companies that provided web hosting and developing them to increase the potential and reliability. Nowadays, A Small Orange offers various services, including reseller and shared hosting, website builder, dedicated servers, and cloud VPS. A company with a wide hosting experience is ready to provide customers with quality help. 
  3. EnjoyNow company. In 2014, four students from the University of Southern California started the food delivery team. Anthony Ahang, Nick Wang, Gabriel Quintela, and Chad Massura were thinking that it would be great to have delivered food to their campus. Of course, few cafes and restaurants provide their delivery. They developed a way to get any food for students from any restaurant around the university. They helped cafes and restaurants to deliver food to students. It’s a perfect service for college students to get the food they want at the current moment. 
  4. AthleteTrax company. In 2012, three founders from George Washington University, Brian Gross, Jon Halpern, and Rey Coriano, created a company for athletes. Their idea helped all them to get in touch and be updated on various events. With this great website,  many players, coaches, administrators, and parents began the members of a huge community. For example, team members can create their contacts and communicate with other people from their team. It’s possible to see the schedule of games, practicing, events, etc. Plus, it allows members to make online payments for fundraising. All the athletes’ team get the latest deals on equipment, travel, and uniform updates.  
  5. Dropbox company. Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowski were studying at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 2007, when they were furious from the problem of sending large files through email (you can send only files of the limited space), these students decided to think up something. The result was their service for sharing files. Dropbox is a reliable and quality service for sending and storing large files like photos, videos, etc. Dropbox became a leader very quickly. This is an example of how a small idea became something big and very helpful for others. Nowadays, millions of people use this software to share and store their files safely and easily. 
  6. EarTop Technologies company. This is a company created in Miami by Jaiyu Ni and Ketan Rahangdale. In 2011, these two mates from Miami University founded a company that makes wireless technologies. The main idea was to get rid of wires. EarTop Technologies is focused on wireless devices and adapters. Their first product, Flow, was able to transform headphones into wireless without decreasing the quality of sound. Nowadays, the company produces a wide range of wireless products, including speakers, adaptors, headphones, etc.   
  7. Facebook company. It seems that everyone knows the history of this famous company and its well-known founder Mark Zuckerberg. With his 4 friends from Harvard University, they founded this popular company in 2004. But it seems that Facebook always existed! It’s hard to imagine how people were living without this great website before. The social network made its founder, Zuckerberg, a very famous and recognizable person. He made a very good profit on this startup. As the reports say, in his 30 he earned $34 billion. Are you surprised to know that his profit is bigger than his age?
  8. iCracked company. As statistics say, around half of people from the USA have at least one Apple device. It’s not a surprise that two students from California Polytechnic State University, Anthony Martin and AJ Forsythe founded their service repair company in 2010. Nowadays, this company is the largest team that can repair your broken iPod, iPhone, or iPad easily and fast. The company exists not only in the USA but also in other countries. iCracked has many certified technicians who know all the secrets of repairing your Apple devices.
  9. HourlyNerd company. College students from Harvard University founded HourlyNerd in 2013. It’s a project that pairs MBA students with businesses. It is quite similar to a paper writing service, where students are connected with writers to help with their writing assignments. Talented students can help in various decisions for the business, including consulting, marketing, business strategies, etc. Four founders, Peter Maglathlin, Joe Miller, Rob Biederman, and Patrick Petitti started this project that has become very popular in recent days. The candidates of HourlyNerd were MBA students but now they’re grads who offer consultants with a rate of $25-150. If you want to hire a consultant from this company, you will have to pay 15% to the company plus a 3% fee for the transaction.
  10. Insomnia Cookies company. In 2003, a student from Pennsylvania University, Seth Berkowitz, liked to eat cookies at night while working on his tasks. He didn’t want to go somewhere in the night to buy treats, and he made his own business. Nowadays, Insomnia Cookies is a well-known company for students for delivering fresh-baked cookies to many campuses. Nothing can be more inspired than eating something tasty when you’re writing your essay in the night! The company has around 50 locations that offer cakes, cookies, brownies with cold milk. Plus, in some locations, you can even order a tasty ice cream!
  11. Modcloth company. Eric Kogger and Susan Gregg were students of Carnegie Mellon University. They started to date, and this was a significant point in history! In 2002, they got a great idea for the business. Susan used to buy interesting and unique things at vintage sales. They tried to sell these things on eBay at the start but it wasn’t effective. Eric was a computer guy, and he created a cool website to sell the items online. In 2005, Modcloth had around 70,000 shoppers every day. Nowadays, the company continues to grow up and bring a good profit to its smart founders.
  12. Reddit company. Do you know that Reddit was created by two students from Virginia University? These were Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman who founded this website in 2005. Nowadays, Reddit is very popular among people. On this website, all its users can vote on the content, so it means they can influence the information that appears at the top. The company was formed as a student startup but now it receives around a billion page views every month. In 2006, Condé Nast purchased Reddit and made its subsidiary. 
  13. WordPress company. This is well-known all over the world online platform. It started its way in 2003 when Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg, two freshmen of Houston University, created their blogging site. WordPress has transformed the way of creating websites and gave the possibility to everyday people to have them. Nowadays, WordPress is a very popular platform. Its network connects more than 400 million people. Around 15 billion pages are viewed by users every month. The blogs are written in about 120 languages. It’s quite impressive if you know that such a huge company started with just two freshmen!
  14. Snapchat company. Sometimes, great ideas can appear even when you send a photo and wish it would disappear. This is what users of Snapchat can do! In 2011, two students of Stanford University, Robert Murphy and Evan Spiegel were discussing an idea of how it would be great to send photos to someone, and then after viewing this photo could disappear magically. That’s how Snapchat works. Millions of people use it every day without knowing they should be thankful to two smart students. In the beginning, they called the project Pickaboo, and it wasn’t popular. Later it was renamed and finally, it took off and became a very well-known app for chatting and fun.
  15. Verb Energy company. Needless to say, college students have a lot of options to get energy. But not everyone likes granola bars and coffee plus the second option can make you feel not good. Three students from Yale solved this problem! André Monteiro, Matt Czarnecki, and Bennett Byerley created a tasty caffeinated bar for students to get energy and satisfaction. Every bar has just 90 calories and charges you with a great amount of energy. You can choose from various tastes on the website and order bars with special offers and discounts. This is a great decision for students that was created by students!

As you can see, students can generate great ideas that change our life. If you’re a student, you can have a startup too. Who knows, maybe in several years you will become famous and earn your first million.

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