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Doctoral Dissertations Supervised or Co-Supervised

Prof. Pogge with a student in his office

69 Doctoral Dissertations Supervised or Co-Supervised:

Abraham Anderson (1986) Certainty and Practical Reason: Kant’s Practical Response to Epistemological Skepticism (Philosophy, Columbia University)

Yossi Dahan (1989) Political Equality in a Democracy (Philosophy, Columbia University)

Michael Shenefelt (1990) The Passion for Generalizing (Philosophy, Columbia University)

Liam Murphy (1991) Fair Morality: The Demands of Morality and their Distribution (Philosophy, Columbia University)

Ruey-Yuan Wu (1993) The Trial Beyond Morality: A Conception of Justification to Oneself (Philosophy, Columbia University)

Balthasar Kehi (1993) Communicative Deliberative Democracy: A Model of Liberal Democracy in John Dewey and Jürgen Habermas
(Teachers College, Columbia University)

Michael Koessel (1994) The Shortcomings of a Neutralist Liberalism: Locating Liberal-Communitarian Reconciliation in a “Deep” Model of Human Agency
(Philosophy, Columbia University)

Michael Kramer (1994) Materialism and History (Philosophy, Columbia University)

Samuel Kerstein (1995) Action, Hedonism, and Practical Law: An Essay on Kant (Philosophy, Columbia University)

Ser-Min Shei (1995): Reasonable Contractarianism and Socioeconomic Justice (Philosophy, Columbia University)

Bashshar Haydar (1996) Consequentialism and the Appeal to Cost (Philosophy, Columbia University)

Lars Johan Materstvedt (1996) Rights, Paternalism, and the State: A Kantian Exploration of Nozick’s Political Thought (Philosophy,
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim)

Uwe Hoffmann (1996) Rigor and Exception: An Essay on Kant’s Philosophy of Right (Philosophy, Columbia University)

Colin Bird (1997) The Myth of Liberal Individualism: Conceptions of Collectivity and Social Agency in Contemporary Liberal Theory
(Political Science, Columbia University)

Lynn Jansen (1997) Beyond Consent: Problems of Political Legitimacy (Political Science, Columbia University)

Henrik Syse (1997) Natural Law, Religion, and Rights (Philosophy, University of Oslo)

Brian D. Orend (1998) Kantian Internationalism: War, Law, Peace and Rights (Philosophy, Columbia University)

Øyvind Kvalnes (1998) Living with Moral Luck (Philosophy, University of Oslo)

Cosmas Gitta (1998) International Human Rights: An Imperial Imposition? — A Study of Buganda 1856–1955 (Teachers College, Columbia University)

Kai Ingolf Johannessen (1999) Christian Commitment and Reasonable Consensus in Pluralist Societies (Theology, University of Oslo)

Kaveh Kamooneh (1999) Hume’s Beliefs (Philosophy, Columbia University)

Bjørn Myskja (1999) The Sublime and the Ethics of Literature (Philosophy, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim)

Bente Puntervold Bø (2000) Immigration Control, Law, and Morality (Law, University of Oslo)

Amrita Dhawan (2000) The Politics of Participation (Teachers College, Columbia University)

Alexander Cappelen (2000) Redistribution in a Divided World (Economics, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration, Bergen)

Robert Guay (2000) Nietzsche’s Ethical Thought: Reassurance and Affirmation (Philosophy, University of Chicago)

Xiangdong Xu (2001) Naturalism, Normativity, and Practical Reason (Philosophy, Columbia University)

Vidar Halvorsen (2002) Ethics, Force and Violence in Policing (Philosophy, University of Oslo)

Mark Bajakian (2002) How to Count People (Philosophy, Columbia University)

Ferda Keskin (2002) Problematization and Games of Truth: Michel Foucault’s Analytics of the Constitution of the Subject in
Political Modernity
(Philosophy, Columbia University)

Nedim N. Nomer (2002) Ethics and Politics of Freedom: Johann Gottlieb Fichte’s Theory of Rights (Political Science, Columbia University)

Gerhard Øverland (2002) Treating Others: Essays in Moral Philosophy (Philosophy, University of Oslo)

Jose Mesa (2002) Reassessing Moral Education from the Perspective of the Predicament Between the Individual and the Community (Teachers College, Columbia University)

Robert Armstrong (2003) Normativity and Individualism: An Essay on Hume (Philosophy, Columbia University)

Vanessa Neumann (2004) The Autonomy and Legitimacy of States: A Critical Approach to Foreign Intervention
(Philosophy, Columbia University)

Tove Pettersen (2004) Comprehending Care. Problems and Possibilities in Carol Gilligan’s Ethics of Care (Philosophy, University of Oslo)

Aysen Bilgen (2004) The Priority of Political Rights Thesis in Political Theory: Procedural Democracy’s Invisible Hand?
(Political Science, Columbia University)

Ernesto Garcia (2005) Nature and Freedom in Kant’s Ethics: The Historical Development of Kant’s Moral and Political Philosophy 1775–1798 (Philosophy, Columbia University)

Paul Spohr (2005) Hegel’s Rationalist Account of the Moral Will (Philosophy, Columbia University)

Christian Barry (2005) The Contribution Principle: Its Meaning and Significance for Allocating Responsibility to Address Acute Deprivation (Philosophy, Columbia University)

Jonathan Neufeld (2005) Performers, Listeners and Judges: Deliberation in the Musical Public Sphere (Philosophy, Columbia University)

Sophia Wong (2006) Rawlsian Contractualism and Cognitive Disabilities (Philosophy, Columbia University)

Andras Miklos (2006) Institutions in Global Distributive Justice (Philosophy, Central European University, Budapest)

Sirine Shebaya (2007) Individuals as Ultimate Objects of Moral Concern (Philosophy, Columbia University)

Jakob Elster (2007) Transforming Moral Motivation (Philosophy, University of Oslo)

Lene Bomann-Larsen (2007) Reconstructing the Moral Equality of Soldiers (Philosophy, University of Oslo)

Robert Huseby (2008) On Sufficiency: Essays on Distributive Justice (Philosophy, University of Oslo)

Reidar Maliks (2008) Making the Center Hold: Kant on Sovereignty and Resistance (Political Science, Columbia University)

Claudio Lopez Guerra (2008) Democratic Enfranchisement: A Theory of the Right to Vote and Some Applications
(Political Science, Columbia University)

Timothy Waligore (2008) Cosmopolitan Right and Historical Wrong: Kantian Theory and Reparations for Indigenous Peoples
(Political Science, Columbia University)

Julia Maskivker (2009) He Who Shall Not Work Shall Eat: A Case for the Right to Opt out of Employment
(Political Science, Columbia University)

Espen Gamlund (2009) A Change of Heart: Essays in the Moral Philosophy of Forgiveness (Philosophy, University of Oslo)

Margaret Meek Lange (2009) Defending a Liberalism of Freedom: John Rawls’s Use of Hegel (Political Science, Columbia University)

Rekha Nath (2010) What’s Wrong with Global Inequality: A Social Egalitarian Account (Philosophy, University of Melbourne)

Pablo Kalmanovitz (2010) Justice in Post-war Reconstruction: Theories from Vitoria to Vattel (Political Science, Columbia University)

Daniele Botti (2012) John Rawls and the American Philosophical Tradition: Notes on a Recent Finding among Rawls’s Unpublished Papers
(History, Università degli Studi del Piemonte Orientale)

Kerah Gordon-Solmon (2012) If You’re an Egalitarian, How Come You Don’t Believe in Genetic Enhancement? (Philosophy, Oxford University)

María Alejandra Mancilla (2012) A Cosmopolitan Right of Necessity (Philosophy, Australian National University)

Rosa Terlazzo (2013) Human Development and Adaptive Prefences (Philosophy, Australian National University)

Robert Lepenies (2014) Losers in Trade: Economics and Normative Justifications (Political Science, Hertie School of Governance)

Anna Wehofsits (2014) Anthropologie und Moral: Affekte, Leidenschaften und Mitgefühl in Kants Ethik (Philosophy, Freie Universität Berlin)

Kristoffer Lidén (2014) Between Intervention and Sovereignty: Ethics of Liberal Peacebuilding and the Philosophy of Global Governance (Philosophy, University of Oslo)

Alicia Hennig (2015) An Inquiry into Responsible Business in a Liberal Age (Philosophy, Technische Universität Darmstadt)

Özlem Denli (2015) Liberalism and Islamism in Contemporary Turkey. Internal Liberalization and Authoritarian Institutionalization (Political Science, University of Oslo)

Matt Lindauer (2015) External Relationships in Political Philosophy (Philosophy, Yale University)

Shmulik Nili (2016) A Theory of Global Injustice (Political Science, Yale University)

Daniel Putnam (2016) Relating as Equals (Philosophy, Yale University)

Grethe Netland (2016) On Human Rights in John Rawls’s The Law of Peoples (Philosophy, University of Oslo)

Yuke Li (2018) A Network Approach to International Relations (Political Science, Yale University)

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