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Yale Global Justice Program recent activities

Debate about global health with Germany’s new Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach, 19 October 2021. Unser Gesundheitssystem - fair & effizient

Principles on Climate Obligations of Enterprises. Was a member of the Expert Group on Global Climate Change Obligations of Enterprises, which drafted these principles and an extensive legal commentary on them. The Expert Group included Brian Preston, Tianbao Qin, James Silk, Jaap Spier, Elisabeth Steiner, Philip Sutherland and Daniël Witte, (The Hague: Eleven International Publishing 2018).

Fighting global poverty,” in International Journal of Law in Context, volume 13, special issue 4 (Global Social Indicators: Constructing Transnational Legitimacy), December 2017, pp. 512-526, published online January 3, 2018.

“The Hunger Games” in Food Ethics, volume 1, issue 1, 9–27; first online June 3, 2016, freely downloadable at

Book Cover of Global Tax FairnessGlobal Tax Fairness, edited with Krishen Mehta (Oxford: Oxford University Press 2016) — therein editors’ “Introduction: The Moral Significance of Tax-Motivated Illicit Financial Outflows,” 1–13.    Discount Coupon

Auf Kosten der Ärmsten: Die Panama Papers zeigen, wie die internationale Geldelite ihr Vermögen vor den Staaten versteckt. Gerade Entwicklungsländer verlieren dadurch Jahr für Jahr Milliarden.“ Gastbeitrag, Die Zeit, 7. April 2016.

Oslo Principles On Global Climate Obligations. Was a member of the Expert Group on Global Climate Obligations, which drafted these principles and an extensive legal commentary on them. The Expert Group included Antonio Benjamin, Michael Gerrard, Toon Huydecoper, Michael Kirby, M.C. Mehta, Qin Tianbao, Dinah Shelton, James Silk, Jessica Simor, Jaap Spier, Elisabeth Steiner, and Philip Sutherland, (The Hague: Eleven International Publishing 2015). The Oslo Principles without the legal Commentary are published as a Social Europe Occasional Paper, October 2015. The Oslo Principles and the legal Commentary are also available at

Why The Paris COP21 Agreement Could Make Disaster Inevitable,” Social Europe, January 8, 2016.

Poverty and the Millennium Development Goals: A Critical Look Forward, edited with Alberto D. Cimadamore and Gabriele Koehler (London: ZED Books 2016) — therein editors’ “Introduction: The MDGs: A Critical Assessment and Sketching Alternatives,” 3–25.

Prof. Pogge discusses the book "Poverty and the Millennium Development Goals: a Critical Look Forward" with Marilyn Wilkes on MacMillan Report episode February 24, 2016.

“A Critique of the Sustainable Development Goals’ Potential to Realize the Human Rights of All: Why being better than the MDGs is not good enough,” authored with Mitu Sengupta, in Bob Deacon ed. Social Policy and the Transformative Potential of the SDGs, special issue of the Journal of International and Comparative Social Policy.   Draft

The Individual Deprivation Measure: A Gender-Sensitive Approach to Poverty Measurement, authored with Scott Wisor, Sharon Bessell, Fatima Castillo, Joanne Crawford, Kieran Donaghue, Janet Hunt, Alison Jaggar, and Amy Liu (Melbourne: The International Women’s Development Agency 2014).

“Measuring Poverty: A Proposal,” authored with Scott Wisor, in Matthew Adler and Marc Fleurbaey, eds.: Oxford Handbook of Well-Being and Public Policy (Oxford: Oxford University Press 2016), 645–676.   Draft

Improving the Incentives of the FDA Voucher Program for Neglected Tropical Diseases,” authored with Cameron Graham Arnold, The Brown Journal of World Affairs, XXI/II (Spring/Summer 2015), 223–234.

“Transcendental Idealism” in Pablo Muchnik and Oliver Thorndike, eds.: Rethinking Kant: Volume 4 (Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2015), 13–33.

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