What is The Creative Forum?

The Creative Forum is an initiative sponsored by Yale’s Department of Spanish and Portuguese, to gather writers and other artists working in Spanish, Portuguese and related languages across campus, along with scholars, writers and artists in residence, to workshop and to discuss their work with other scholars, writers and artists, as well as graduate and undergraduate students.

The Creative Forum is an inclusive project that welcomes and encourages the participation of people working on all sorts of materials, whether they are written in Spanish and/or Portuguese or in other languages related by geography, periodization, social and political interaction, etc.

The Creative Forum also addresses questions related to academic writing, including creative and innovative dissertation writing, as called for by the Yale Report on Doctoral Education.

The Creative Forum is the is now the home for the new Spanish and Portuguese Artists-in-Residence Program, which will invite artists from the Hispanophone, Lusophone, and LatinX worlds, while also including artists working in other related languages, including indigenous languages, multilingual approaches to writing, etc. Our inaugural Artist-in-Residence, during the Spring of 2022 is Cristina Morales, the author of award-winning novels Lectura Fácil (now available in English translation), Terroristas modernos, and Últimas tardes con Teresa de Jesús, among others.

A crucial component of The Creative Forum is the inclusion of scholars, writers and artists in departments and programs other than Spanish and Portuguese.

Another crucial component of The Creative Forum is the incoming Lector in Digital Humanities, who will work with The Creative Forum towards innovative representations and dissemination of creative work.

All people interested in participating in this project are welcome to contact us at [jesus.velasco@yale.edu].

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