At Yale I teach a variety of courses on comparative politics to both undergraduates and graduate students. In recent years the courses I’ve taught have been:

Graduate Courses

PLSC 785b Ethnicity Nationalism and Conflict
PLSC 762 Advanced Readings in South Asian Politics (this is coordinated with Prof. Pradeep Chhibber’s identical class at Berkeley)
PLSC 778 Comparative Politics II 2014 PLSC 778 Comparative Politics II v2 (Comparative Politics Graduate Field Seminar)
PLSC 510 Introduction to Political Science (Introductory Field Seminar)
PLSC 460 Colonial Legacies 2013S Legacies of Empire Syllabus v1


PLSC 371 undergraduate course on War and Political Change, linked to my book project with Saumitra Jha
PLSC 461 01 /SAST242/PLSC760 India and Pakistan: Democracy, Conflict and Development
PLSC 449 Ethnic Conflict

More recently I have taught two new courses:
First, as part of Yale’s unique graduate Qualitative and Archival Methods (QAM) sequence, a course on Archival and Historical Methods for Political Scientists. I’ll teach this course again in fall 2020.
Second, with Professor Joan Feigenbaum from Computer Science, I’ve taught a course on Political Challenges of the Digital Age (CPSC 210/310 & PLSC 369),
which looked at both the technical and political challenges of growing computer challenges to civilian and international politics.