Army and Nation named a Telegraph book of the Year

Thanks to The Telegraph (Kolkata) for naming Army and Nation: The Military and Democracy in India since Independence one of its 2015Wilkinson book cover non-fiction books of the year. In its December 2015 review it says that “The depth and richness of Wilkinson’s research help unravel the subservient role that one of the largest standing armies in the world has diligently played to a democratic polity”

ARMY AND NATION was also named Vipul Dutta’s Book of the Year in Biblio: “A comprehensive account of the organisational principles of the Indian Army and employs a unique, inter-disciplinary methodology to address key concerns of civil-military relations in India….It is a significant addition to the scholarship on not just civil-military relations but also post-colonial ‘governance’…”

Other reviews of the book by Srinath Raghavan, C. Raja Mohan, Shashank Joshi and others can be found here.