Photos & Travel

Steven and Josh at Yankee Stadium, 2019

Steven and Sir Paul McCartney at Yale Graduation, 2008

Steven and Martin Scorcese at Yale Graduation, 2011

Steven and Susan with Ludacris, Branford Master’s House, 2009

Steven with Mayor Michael Bloomberg, 4 Train outside Yankee Stadium, 2008


Susan and Steven with Josh and Katie on the Queen Mary II, 2019

Steven and Susan with classic American cars, Havana, 2019

Steven reading paper with Joyce Carol Oates, Rome, 2018

Steven at Lenin’s Tomb, Moscow, 2018

Steven at the Metropol Hotel, Moscow, 2018

Steven backstage at the Bolshoi, Moscow, 2018

Steven and Susan at Central Synagogue, Moscow, 2018

Steven and Susan at elephant reserve, Thailand, 2017

Steven and Bust of Plato, Trinity College Library, Dublin, 2017

Steven at the Statue of Maimonides, Cordova, Spain, 2016

Steven at Mosque-Cathedral in Cordoba, 2015

Steven and Susan with Gioacchino and Nicoletta Lanza Tomasi, Duke and Duchess of Palma, Palermo, Sicily, 2015

Steven in a Cafe in Taormina, Sicily, 2015

Steven and Statue of Leonidas, Sparta, Greece, 2009