SSAY at UN in NYCOn a snowy day, on January 21, 2015, a group of Swiss students came together to create Swiss Students and Affiliates at Yale (SSAY). Ever since, the club has grown while organizing over 7 high quality events touching more than 380 people. Our aim is to share topics and themes related to Swiss culture with other students on campus by bringing in keynote speakers, organizing fondue and raclette evenings, Swiss chocolate tastings, and much more.


Current President: Miklós Veszprémi

Our Board Members: Tyler Lutz, Samuel Sommaruga, Angela Steinauer, Iva Xhangolli

SSAY Alumni: Jonas Belina (ex-president 2015-2016), Julie Bodenmann (2016), Damiano Canapa (ex-president 2015), Raffael Fasel (2015), Thomas Gmuer (current), Adrian Kuenzler (2015), Tyler Lutz (current), Christian Rhally (ex-president 2015-2016), Samuel Sommaruga (current), Phoebe Staenz (ex-president 2015), Angela Steinauer (current), Pascal Ungersboeck (current), Iva Xhangolli (current), Michèle Zollinger (2016)


SSAY  Swiss Students and Affiliates at Yale