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Rafael’s thesis committee meeting

Rafael has passed another one of his thesis committee meetings – one step closer to PhD!

Rafael before  the meeting……and right after!



A new study by Sarah Mohr is out on BioRxiv!

Mohr SM, Dai Pra R, Platt MP, Feketa VV, Shanabrough M, Varela L, Kristant A, Cao H, Merriman DK, Horvath TL, Bagriantsev SN, Gracheva EO. Hypothalamic thyroid hormone deficiency underlies reversible anorexia in a mammalian hibernator. bioRxiv 2023.03.15.532843; doi:

Sensory Physiology Club

Sensory Physiology Club keeps promoting science among school students. This time we hosted 65 kids form around New Haven!

UPD: dancing cockroach leg video!

Rafael’s talk at Physiology RIPs

Rafael nailed his talk during today’s Physiology RIP seminar!

Luke’s thesis committee meeting

Luke is one step closer to his defense!

Rebecca’s presentation at INP RIP

Rebecca just gave a amazing talk at INT RIP seminar.  Here is the Q&A section:

Mai’s seminar at Physiology

Mai gave a great talk at today’s Physiology RIP seminar!!

Getting to grips with touch

Our paper on mechanotransduction in the afferent terminal is highlighted by eLife!


Maddy’s talk at Neuroscience seminar

Maddy does it again, now at the Neuroscience seminar!!

Luke’s talk at Physiology RIPs

Luke nailed his talk at today’s Physiology RIP seminar!


Luke’s study on mechanotransduction in nerve terminals is out in eLife!

Ziolkowski LH, Gracheva EO, Bagriantsev SN. Mechanotransduction events at the physiological site of touch detection. eLife 2023, 12:e84179.

Jenny leaves the lab to start her own

Bittersweet news: Jenny Feng leaves Elena’s lab to become an Assistant Professor in the Biology Department at Wesleyan University.










Good luck, Professor Feng!!!

Maddy’s talk at INP RIPs

Maddy gave a superb (and happy) talk at today’s INP RIP seminar!

Emily Joins Elena’s lab

Emily Gu is a now a High School Intern in Elena’s lab. Welcome Emily!

Smith Family Awards

Slav and Elena lab members went to the Smith Family Awards Program for Excellence in Biomedical Research 30th Anniversary at Harvard Club!

Sarah’s postering!

Price Family Inaugural Symposium at Rockefeller

Sarah and Rafael went to Price Family Center Inaugural Symposium at Rockefeller University!

Keystone Vertebrate Sensory System

Luke, Yury and Slav went to Lake Tahoe, CA for the 2022 Keystone Vertebrate Sensory Systems symposium!

Rebecca receives F32 NRSA Fellowship

Congratulations to Rebecca on receiving the F32 NRSA fellowship from NINDS! From the first try. Great job!


Luke’s study on mechanotransduction events in the afferent terminal is out on bioRxiv!

Ziolkowski LH, Gracheva EO, Bagriantsev SN. Mechanotransduction events at the physiological site of touch detection. bioRxiv 2022-10-24,

Laura Bianchi seminar

After a long hiatus, our Physiology renewed in-person seminars. It was our pleasure to host Dr. Laura Bianchi!

Thank you for the wonderful seminar!

Ben Bae joins Slav and Elena labs

Ben Bae is a Visiting Undergraduate Trainee in both labs.

Welcome Ben!

Sarah’s in vivo talk at INP SRT

After a long hiatus, we’re back to in-person Student Research Talks, and Sarah kicked it off with a great story on hibernation! In vivo!

Srsly, IN VIVO!!!

We’re 10 years old

The Bagriantsev and Gracheva Labs at Yale were launched on this day 10 years ago. And so was this website.


Maddy’s thesis committee meeting

Maddy successfully passes yet another committee meeting! It’s the first one in-person! Good-ol times are back!

Rafael’s paper is covered in J Exp Biol

A nice report covering Rafael’s recent paper is published in J Exp Biol:

Ground squirrels hibernate through puberty by Brittney G. Borowiec


GRC Hypothalamus in Ventura

Maddy, Rafael and Elena presented their work at GRC Hypothalamus in Venura, Ca!

Elena’s talkMaddy’s posterRafael’s posterMorning run before the show!Join our labs, do great science, go great places!

Neuroethology 2022 in Lisbon

Neuroethology is one of the greatest venue to go to and present Slav & Elena labs’ work! This year in Lisbon!

Sarah’s posterSlav’s talkElena’s talkLisbon ducksJoin our labs to do great science and go great places!

Outreach Summer 2022

We just finished two incredible weeks of outreach! Two groups of New Haven school students came to Slav and Elena Labs’ own Sensory Physiology Club to learn how we smell, taste, hear, touch and see.

Jiawen joins Elena’s group

Jiawen Zhang joins Elena’s laboratory! Welcome!

Joanna’s talk at INP RIPs

Joanna gives her first (and great) talk at INP research-in-progress seminar. Congrats!

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