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Willem is a Kavli Fellow

Willem Laursen has become a Fellow of the Kavli Foundation!

TKF symbol original big


Neuroday 2015

Neuroday 2015 on Yale West Campus

Elena’s talk

2015-08-31 Neuroday Elena 1High-tech at Yale West Campus: to help get the point across, a new presentation system can digitally enhance the speaker’s image projected on the screen.2015-08-31 Neuroday Elena 2Lydia2015-08-31 Neuroday Lydia talk

Evan2015-08-31 Neuroday Evan talkWillem2015-08-81 Neuroday Willem talk…and one more round: Lydia (find Evan)2015-08-31 Neuroday Lydia posterEvan and Jon (this one is easy)2015-08-31 Neuroday Evan Jon posterWillem2015-08-31 Neuroday Willem poster

Super-challenge! Cryptic puzzle!2015-08-31 Neuroday groupBig thanks to the organizers and especially Carol Russo !

More R.I.P.s!

Today it was Lydia’s turn to give a Research-in-Progress seminar in the Neuroscience program.

2015-05-05 Lydia RIP talk 1

2015-05-05 Lydia RIP talk 2

Undeterred by a pizza delivery right in the middle of her talk, Lydia stayed the course gave one of the best INP R.I.P.s! Great job!

Research-in-Progress seminar by Evan

2015-05-04 Evan RIP talk

The cryptic puzzle Evan drew on the board was instrumental in conveying the essence of his research to the audience. Superbly done, Evan!

PhD student transformation part III

Our epistemology endeavor continues (see part I and part II).

This time it’s Lydia Hoffstaetter. Here she is before:

2015-04-27 Lydia 1and right after successfully defending her PhD thesis prospectus:

2015-04-27 Lydia 2There is a trend. Congratulations, Lydia!

Epistemology of a PhD student’s transformation

…before and after qualification exams.

A case study: Evan the Tatum Fellow Anderson.

Before the qualification exam:

2015-04-08 Evan quals 1

…and right after passing successfully:

2015-04-08 Evan quals 2

The transformation is striking. We’ve already witnessed such transformation in the case of Willem Laursen.

Congratulations, Evan!

Evan is the Edward L. Tatum Fellow

Evan Anderson has been selected as the Edward L Tatum Fellow.

Applera Corporation and Yale instituted this fellowship to honor Edward L. Tatum, a distinguished geneticist who was formerly a faculty member at Yale and later received the Nobel Prize. This award recognizes the recipients’ achievements and potential as a scholar and scientist.

This is a great honor for the Labs. Congratulations, Evan!

Thesis prospectus: passed

Congratulations, Willem!

Research-in-Progress Seminar by Willem Laursen

Willem gave a wonderful talk today at the Departmental R.I.P. seminar series.

2014-12-08 Willem talk at RIP

Willem is showing the audience the hands that did most of the experiments.

Great job, Willem!

PhD seekers

2014-10-29 Temeprature review Authors PhotoLydia, Willem, Evan, Slav, Elena.

Lydia Hoffstaetter joins Elena’s Lab

Lydia Hoffstaetter (Yale INP) is now a graduate student in Elena’s Group.

Lydia 2014-08-20 2

Welcome Lydia!

Growing up

Outreach 06-2014Slav, Elena, Willem and Evan. Baseline, ‘threshold’ and the rising phase.

Evan Anderson joins Slav’s Lab

Evan Anderson (Yale M2P2) becomes the first graduate student of Slav’s group. Welcome Evan!

Evan_1Evan is a 2013 Gruber Science Fellow

Gruber logo

The effect of PhD candidacy status…

on the emotional state of a Yale PhD student. A case study. Take Willem Laursen. Here he is in the beginning of the PhD qualification exam:

Willem_exam_1And here is the same Willem Laursen after he learned that he had passed with distinction:

Willem_exam_2Congrats Willem!

Honorable mention from NSF

Willem Laursen’s graduate fellowship application to NSF has been accorded an Honorable Mention!

NSF logo

Willem Laursen joins Elena’s Lab

Willem Laursen becomes the first graduate student in Elena’s lab.

Welcome Willem!

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