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Science Advances

Our paper on the structure and functional mechanism in Meissner corpuscle is out in Science Advances!

Nikolaev YA*, Ziolkowski LH*, Pang S, Li W-P, Feketa VV, Xu CS, Gracheva, EO, Bagriantsev SN. 3D architecture and a bi-cellular mechanism of touch detection in mechanosensory corpuscle. Science Advances, 2023, 9:eadi4147.


Rebecca’s INP talk

Rebecca’s nailed her final talk in the INP research-in-progress seminar series! Congrats!

Hibernation Science Workshop 2023

Elena, Slav and Haoran went to University of Alaska Fairbanks to attend the 2023 Hibernation Science Workshop!We met Owen Funk – our first lab alumnus!Slav is drawing “Hibernation”ResultHaoran’s presentationElena’s lectureGearing up to visit the permafrost tunnels!Just outside the tunnels

Akitoshi joins Slav’s lab

Akitoshi Chikamoto is a new postdoc in Slav’s lab.


Shade joins Elena’s lab

Shade Eleazer (INP) joins Elena’s lab as a PhD student.


Outreach 2023

Two weeks of outreach! Sensory Physiology Club is teaching science to New Haven school students!

Amit joins Elena’s lab

Amit Rana joins Elena’s group. Welcome!

Maryann’s talk at Kavli 2023

Maryann gave a terrific talk at the 2023 Kavli meeting!

essential pre-talk rituals (works every time)…and the talk begins!time for questions!


Sam and Sam join the labs

Sam Bae joins (for the second time!) Slav’s lab for a summer project, and Sam Levchenko joins Elena’s.


Sam BaeSam Levchenko

Lorraine joins Slav’s lab

Lorraine Hillgen from Choate Rosemary Hall joins Slav’s group for a summer project.


Ben leaves the lab

Ben leaves the lab to become a student at U-Mass Boston. Thanks for you work, Ben and good luck!

Emily leaves the lab

Emily Gu leaves the lab after several months of work with Maddy on a squirrel project. It’s been great having you in the lab, Emily!

Haoran’s talk at INP RIPs

Haoran gave a great talk during her INP RIP seminar!

Physiology Retreat 2023

Yale Physiology Retreat 2023 at West Campus!

Retreat logo by Ke

Group photo – Department of Physiology, 2023 editionElena, Ke, SlavHaoranDavid, Mai, MaryannViktor is interrogating someone MaddyRafael  is  singing a songYuryRebeccaSlav’s talkSarah’s talkRafael wins the Grand Prix game!Organizing committee – Ke, Marco and others!

Ke’s thesis committee meeting

Ke has completed yet another thesis committee meeting, a PhD is in sight!

Trends in Neurosciences

Our review on thermoregulation in hibernators is out in Trends in Neuroscience!

Feketa VV, Bagriantsev SN, Gracheva EO. Ground squirrels — experts in thermoregulatory adaptation. Trends in Neurosciences 2023,

Haoran receives travel fellowship

Haoran receives a travel fellowship to attend Hibernation Science Workshop in Alaska!

Northeastern Pain Symposium

Rebecca, Ke and Yury went to Zuckerman Institue at Columbia to present their work on the sense of touch in squirrels, elephant nose fish and ducks!

Haoran passes quals

Haoran nailed her quals today! One step closer to a PhD!

Maryann’s Physiology RIP seminar

Maryann reported on a new chapter in our lab’s hibernation research during her Physiology RIP talk!

Nature Communications

Mai and Yury’s collaborative work with the Sobolevsky lab is out in Nature Communications!

Neuberger A, Oda M, Nikolaev YA, Nadezhdin KD, Gracheva EO, Bagriantsev SN, Sobolevsky AI. Human TRPV1 structure and inhibition by the analgesic SB-366791. Nature Communications 2023, 14, 2451.

iDISCO workshop

Elena, Ke and Jiawen went to Rockefeller University for an iDISCO workshop! But a slice of NY pizza first (just to reaffirm that New Haven apizza is way better).

Arthur Beyder seminar

We are absolutely thrilled to host Art Beyder today and learn about his work on the sense of touch in the gut!


A new pre-print from our lab by Yury and Luke reports the structure of Meissner corpuscle and the amazing bi-cellular mechanism by which corpuscles detect touch.

Nikolaev YA, Ziolkowski LH, Pang S, Li W-P, Feketa VV, Xu CS, Gracheva, EO, Bagriantsev SN*. 3D architecture and a bi-cellular mechanism of touch detection in mechanosensory corpuscle. (2023) bioRxiv

Rafael’s thesis committee meeting

Rafael has passed another one of his thesis committee meetings – one step closer to PhD!

Rafael before  the meeting……and right after!



A new study by Sarah Mohr is out on BioRxiv!

Mohr SM, Dai Pra R, Platt MP, Feketa VV, Shanabrough M, Varela L, Kristant A, Cao H, Merriman DK, Horvath TL, Bagriantsev SN, Gracheva EO. Hypothalamic thyroid hormone deficiency underlies reversible anorexia in a mammalian hibernator. bioRxiv 2023.03.15.532843; doi:

Sensory Physiology Club

Sensory Physiology Club keeps promoting science among school students. This time we hosted 65 kids form around New Haven!

UPD: dancing cockroach leg video!

Rafael’s talk at Physiology RIPs

Rafael nailed his talk during today’s Physiology RIP seminar!

Luke’s thesis committee meeting

Luke is one step closer to his defense!

Rebecca’s presentation at INP RIP

Rebecca just gave a amazing talk at INT RIP seminar.  Here is the Q&A section:

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