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Month: August 2015

Neuroday 2015

Neuroday 2015 on Yale West Campus

Elena’s talk

2015-08-31 Neuroday Elena 1High-tech at Yale West Campus: to help get the point across, a new presentation system can digitally enhance the speaker’s image projected on the screen.2015-08-31 Neuroday Elena 2Lydia2015-08-31 Neuroday Lydia talk

Evan2015-08-31 Neuroday Evan talkWillem2015-08-81 Neuroday Willem talk…and one more round: Lydia (find Evan)2015-08-31 Neuroday Lydia posterEvan and Jon (this one is easy)2015-08-31 Neuroday Evan Jon posterWillem2015-08-31 Neuroday Willem poster

Super-challenge! Cryptic puzzle!2015-08-31 Neuroday groupBig thanks to the organizers and especially Carol Russo !

Patch Rig III construction begins

Another technological terror is in the making.

2015-08-21 Rig3 wide

2015-08-21 Rig3 closeup

2015-08-21 Rig3 angle

Yale campus

2015-05-12 Yale 1

2015-05-12 Yale 2

2015-05-12 Yale 3

2015-05-12 Yale 4

2015-05-12 Yale 5

2015-05-12 Yale 6

2015-05-12 Yale 7

Patch Rig II upgraded

Our Patch Rig 2 has been upgraded to have Ca-imaging capability.

2015-08-19 Rig2

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