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Month: May 2015

Inspiration session

2015-05-18 Labs Cushing the Cushing Center, where else?

Lugwiler’s Dismal Itch

2015-05-18 Labs LibraryDuring our mandatory reading hour, the Labs learned Lugwiler’s Dismal Itch – a very powerful effectuant spell useful in many situations. Next time we will do Spatial Transposition and Forlorn Encystment after that. Find Evan.

How to hibernate…

Our PNAS story on UCP1 in neurons makes it to the cover of the Yale Scientific magazine:

2015-05-16 Yale Scientific CoverRead the full piece here.

Slav receives NSF CAREER Award

This was a team effort, thanks and congratulations to both Labs!

NSF 2015 logo

Willem receives a travel award

2015-05-12 Hibernation 3 DuluthWillem Laursen has received a travel award to attend the Hibernation 3.0 conference in University of Minnesota Duluth. Congratulations, Willem!

More R.I.P.s!

Today it was Lydia’s turn to give a Research-in-Progress seminar in the Neuroscience program.

2015-05-05 Lydia RIP talk 1

2015-05-05 Lydia RIP talk 2

Undeterred by a pizza delivery right in the middle of her talk, Lydia stayed the course gave one of the best INP R.I.P.s! Great job!

Research-in-Progress seminar by Evan

2015-05-04 Evan RIP talk

The cryptic puzzle Evan drew on the board was instrumental in conveying the essence of his research to the audience. Superbly done, Evan!

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