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Month: April 2015

PhD student transformation part III

Our epistemology endeavor continues (see part I and part II).

This time it’s Lydia Hoffstaetter. Here she is before:

2015-04-27 Lydia 1and right after successfully defending her PhD thesis prospectus:

2015-04-27 Lydia 2There is a trend. Congratulations, Lydia!

CNNR retreat at Woods Hole

Marco, Vanessa, Karen

2015-04-24 Marco Vanessa KarenEve is explaining the sense of touch to Art Horwich

2015-04-24 EveLydia

2015-04-24 LydiaWillem

2015-04-24 WillemJon

2015-04-24 JonElena’s talk

2015-04-24 ElenaThanks to Susumu and Daniel for organizing the retreat!


Our review on TRPA1 is out in Temperature!

Laursen WJ, Anderson EO, Hoffstaetter L, Bagriantsev SN, Gracheva EO. Species-specific temperature sensitivity of TRPA1. Temperature 2015, 2:1-13.

2014-10-29 Temeprature review Authors Photo

Authors: Lydia, Willem, Evan, Slav, Elena.

Mark Hoon seminar

2015-04-16 Mark HoonAnother great seminar hosted by the Slav and Elena Labs. Thank you, Mark!

Sense to Synapse

Slav and Elena gave talks; Eve and Vanessa presented posters at the Sense2Synapse conference at NYU.

2015-04-11 Sense to Synapse logo  2015-04-11 Sense2Synapse 3

2015-04-11 Sense2Synapse 5

2015-04-11 Sense2Synapse 2Thank you Ana, Tobi and Zeke for organizing the meeting!

Epistemology of a PhD student’s transformation

…before and after qualification exams.

A case study: Evan the Tatum Fellow Anderson.

Before the qualification exam:

2015-04-08 Evan quals 1

…and right after passing successfully:

2015-04-08 Evan quals 2

The transformation is striking. We’ve already witnessed such transformation in the case of Willem Laursen.

Congratulations, Evan!

Carl Hopkins seminar

2015-04-02 Carl HopkinsIt was a real treat to host Carl. As always—we invite best scientists!

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