In case you wonder where we draw inspiration for our research. A case study: Karen Tonsfeldt and Evan Anderson.

2014-12-05_Symphony_1Before we start—another level to the cryptic puzzle game “Find Evan”. Find Evan!

Now further complicated with an additional challenge: find Karen!

2014-12-05_Symphony_2Karen is ready to rock.

2014-12-05_Symphony_3Locked and loaded…

2014-12-05_Symphony_4Karen and her baritone. She says playing the baritone also helps with gigaseals…

2014-12-05_Symphony_5Evan and his bass. Evan’s passionate play was a challenge for the camera’s autofocus.

2014-12-05_Symphony_6Prof. Mike Higley, our friend and colleague from CNNR, plays the percussion.

2014-12-05_Symphony_7Find Evan (+5 pts). Find Karen (+10 pts).

2014-12-05_Symphony_8Proud Elena next to Evan and Evan’s bass after the venue.

2014-12-05_Symphony_9Karen and Evan. Thank you for the amazing performance!

2014-12-05_Symphony_10The Slav and Elena Labs at Yale are very fortunate to have most hard-working, most talented and multi-tasking postdocs and graduate students. Join us!