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Sad life of Evariste Galois

Evariste Galois was a brilliantly original French mathematician. Born shortly before Napoleon’s ill-fated invasion of Russia, he died shortly before the ill-fated uprising in Paris. His last words: ‘Don’t cry, I need all my courage to die at 20’.

Galois grew up in a time and place confused and excited by revolution. He was known to say ‘if I were only sure that a body would be enough to incite the people to revolt, I would offer mine’. On May 2 1832, after frustration over failure in love and failure to convince the Paris math establishment of the depth of his ideas, he made his decision. A duel was arranged with a friend, but only his friend’s gun would be loaded. Galois died the day after a bullet perforated his intestine. At his funeral it was discovered that a famous general had also just died, and the revolutionaries decided to use the general’s death rather than Galois’ as a pretext for an armed uprising. A few days later the streets of Paris were blocked by barricades, but not because of Galois’ sacrifice: his death had been pointless.

from “Monstrous Moonshine and the Classification of CFT”.

More is different! (Meşhur bir makale)

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Biyolojinin kimya prensipleri ile, kimyanin da fizik kanunlari ile aciklanabiliyor olmasi fizikten baslayip biyolojiyi turetebilecegimiz anlamina gelir mi? Yani parcalari aciklayan kanunlar butunu de aciklayabilir mi? Yoksa atomlari aciklayan fizigin nihayetinde atomlardan olusan bir canlinin herseyini aciklayabilmekte yetersiz kalmasini mi bekleriz?

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