Prospective Students


Masters degrees at the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies come in two primary flavors.  Most students are admitted to the Masters of Environmental Management (MEM) degree program.  In this case, students are admitted to an incoming class, not a particular lab. If you are interested in a research degree such as the Masters of Environmental Science, you will need to identify an advisor to be admitted to the program.  I generally take on one MESc student each year and there are generally several applicants for this single slot.  If you are interested in doing a MESc degree with me, please send me a CV and an example of your writing.


Doctoral students in my lab are not expected to work on my research for their thesis, and in fact, are encouraged to develop their own research ideas. However, given my background and expertise, I will look favorably on students interested in ecology and intending to focus on amphibians as a study system.

If you would like to apply:

  1. Contact me by email ( or regular mail (Yale FES, 195 Prospect St., New Haven, CT 06511 USA) and include a description of your interests and background, a CV, and an example of your writing.
  2. Check out the School’s web page for information on the doctoral programs and application procedures and deadlines. If you have questions on applications not answered on the Web, you can contact Elisabeth Barsa regarding the doctoral program (Phone: 203-432-5146,

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