Outreach via News Articles and Interviews

  1. “CHEST-AI: AI tool for detection of lung diseases from chest X- ray data”: https://medium.com/tsai-city/kickstarting-healthcare-innovation-with-the-rothberg-catalyzer-prototype-fund-6f5a1f37c5c2
  2. “RodentSQL: a software suite for colony management of animal protocols”: Future Medicine’s Video Journal of Biomedicine: In this Publication Perspective, lead author Shrikant Pawar, Yale Center for Genome Analysis, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, USA, provides a summary of the article ‘RodentSQL: a software suite for colony management of animal protocols’ published in Future Science OA that discusses a new database application, RodentSQL, an open access software for colony management in the laboratory: https://www.biomedicine.video/methods-technologies/rodentsql-software-suite-animal-protocols
  3. “Editorial Article: How NGS and big data can be instrumental in tackling genetic disorders”: https://www.selectscience.net/editorial-articles/how-ngs-and-big-data-can-be-instrumental-in-tackling-genetic-disorders/?artID=54037
  4. Why does COVID19 cause severe illness in some patients but not others? Cell Reports with Dr. Kleinstein, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, USA,  Dr. Leying, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, USA, Dr. ArceDr. Kho, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA
  5. National Science Foundation South Carolina Established Program for Stem Cooperative Research (SC EPSCoR) RII Track-1 Award, Subaward, Clemson University https://cecas.clemson.edu/biophotonics/ GAIN CRP (Grants for Applications in Industry and Networking Collaborative Research Program): AI-Enabled Construction of Aligned Collagen Using Two-Photon Techniques (2024-2025)