Field of Research/Study:
1.      Bioinformatics
2.      Computational Biology
3.      Data Science
4.      Artificial Intelligence
5.      Computer Vision

  1. Doctor of Philosophy (Bioinformatics): Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  2. Master of Science (Computer Science): Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  3. Master of Science (Biology): Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  4. Master of Science (Bioinformatics): Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA
  5. Continuing Studies Program (2023-24): Stanford University, USA
  • Doctoral Dissertation (GPA 3.6):
    Goal: Identifying newer bioinformatics techniques for studying drug resistance in Human immunodeficiency (HIV) virus & Staphylococcus aureus. Dissertation published here.
    Contributions: Application of machine learning techniques (Restricted Boltzmann Machine) on next generation sequencing, microarray datasets and structure guided drug design studies on HIV-1 protease. Application of algorithms was performed using R and Python functional programming languages while the structure guided drug design was studied using enzyme kinetics and X-ray crystallography. Our new technique of applying Restricted Boltzmann Machine produced highly accurate and robust classification of HIV protease resistance profiles. It was also used to effectively compare resistance profiles of different clinical protease inhibitors. Pawar, Shrikant, “Bioinformatics Techniques for Studying Drug Resistance In HIV and Staphylococcus Aureus.” Dissertation, Georgia State University, 2019.
  • Master’s Degree (Computer Science) Project (GPA 3.6):
    Goal: Computational optimization of defined graph-based sequence structure HIV-1 protease resistance prediction through supervised, unsupervised machine learning techniques.
    Contributions: Application of supervised and unsupervised clustering techniques on next generation sequencing datasets for identifying representative HIV-1 protease sequences. Current projects in collaboration with Dr. EichenbaumDr. AnejaDr. Charles Derby, & Dr. Chung-Dar Lu, Dr. Harrison and Dr. Weber.
  • Master’s Degree (Bioinformatics) Project (GPA 3.6):
    Goal: Transcriptomic data analysis to determine the impact of antioxidant supplementation on gene expression in brains of mice infected with Toxoplasma. gondii. Current projects in collaboration Dr. Claire Rinehart Dr. Cheryl Davis.
    Contributions: Application of linear transformations like data driven Haar-Fisz transformations on microarray datasets for identifying gene expression trends.

Automata (Prof Li) CSC6510Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science (Prof Zelikowsky) Data Structures (Prof Bhola) , Operating Systems, Advanced Bioinformatics (Prof Harrison) CSC8630, Fundamentals of Bioinformatics (Prof Harrison) BIOL6640Principles of Computer Science (Prof Henry) CSC2010, UNIX/C for Bioinformatics, Seminar in Computer Science CSC7351, Design & Analysis of Algorithms (Prof Skums) CSC6520, Mobile App Development CSC6360, Web Programming (Bing Li) CSC6370, Advanced Bioinformatics (Prof Zelikowsky) CSC8630Programming Language Concepts (Prof Mussa) CSC6330Software Engineering(Prof Bhola) CSC6350, Advanced Software Engineering (Prof Hu) CSC8350, Advanced Graphics Algorithms (Prof Zhu) CSC8820Computer Architecture (Prof Belkasim) CSC6210, Advanced Algorithms for Bioinformatics (Prof Zelikowsky) CSC8540. Stanford Continuing Studies Program: Introduction to Machine learning TCS-1. System-Level-Programming:, Data-Structures:, CS-Introduction:, Advanced-Graphic-Algorithms:, Fundamentals of Bioinformatics:

Current projects in collaboration with Dr. Liles Smart Home Claflin University seed fundingDr. Bagasra Coronavirus transcriptomicsDr. Chowdhary Prostate Biomarkers
Dr. Sahu Machine learning in cybersecurityDr. Tisdale,

National Science Foundation South Carolina Established Program for Stem Cooperative Research (SC EPSCoR) RII Track-1 Award

AI-enabled Devices for the Advancement of Personalized and Transformative Healthcare in South Carolina, ADAPT award, Techniques of computer vision for image analysis Dr. Konneman Daniel, Systematics in Coccoloba (Polygonaceae)Dr. Derrick Swinton, Kean University, Union, New Jersey, USA Machine learning for nanoparticle property predictionDr. Gao Zhi, Clemson University Subaward, Clemson University, South Carolina, USA GAIN CRP award (Grants for Applications in Industry and Networking Collaborative Research Program): AI-Enabled Construction of Aligned Collagen Using Two-Photon Techniques Dr. Theppatorn & Dr. Desowky Scired: Scientific Research & Development at Claflin University, Orangeburg, South Carolina, USA. Current projects in collaboration with Dr. Christian Griñán Ferré, Univesity of Barcelona, Spain, G9a/GLP transcriptomicsDr. Kleinstein, Yale University IMMuno Phenotyping Assessment in a COVID-19 Cohort (IMPACC)New Haven, Connecticut, USA, Dr. Ruth Montgomery, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, USA, Single Cell analysis, Cytometry by time of flightDr. Uduman, Dana Farber Harvard, Cambridge, MA, USA, ICOS gene transcriptomics; Dr. George Tegos, Gamma Therapeutics, Probiotics efficacy; Dr. Lahiri, Sunway University, Malaysia, Cancer Biomarkers; Dr. Allen. BaleDr. Hui. Zhang, DNA Diagnostic Lab at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, USADr. Insoo. Kang, T cell Transcriptomics; Dr. Kei-Hoi Chung, Linkedimm; and Dr. Leying Guan, Supervised bayesian factor analysis at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, USA. Current projects in collaboration with Dr. Eichenbaum Biofilm transcriptomics, Dr. Aneja Ovarian Biomarkers, Dr. Charles Derby Chemosensory transcriptomics, & Dr. Chung-Dar Lu Spermine transcriptomics, Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA. Current projects in collaboration with Dr. Claire Rinehart & Dr. Cheryl Davis Toxoplasma gondi transcriptomics., Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, USA.

Molecular Immunology BIOL8278, Concepts Molecular Genetics BIOL8278 with Dr. Garg, Dr. Hilliard, Dr. Denning, Dr. Greer, Advanced Biotechniques BIOL8696, Physiology Prokaryotes BIOL8610, Concepts Cell Biology BIOL8310.

Masters and Ph.D. Course Projects at Georgia State University, Atlanta, USA:;;;;;;;;;–Java-platform-to-create-logic-circuit–evaluate-bolean-expression.;;;;

Biostatistics PH520 Dr. Nagy, Bioinformatics BIOL312 Dr. Rinehart, Epidemiology PH582 Dr. Emmauel , Public Health PH580, Health Behavior PH587 Dr. Gardner , Topics in Immunology BIOL475 Dr. Davis, Advanced Molecular Genetics BIOL566 Dr. Rinehart, Parasitology BIOL460G Dr. Davis, Advanced Biochemistry BIOL562 Dr. Jacobson, Virology BIOL407G Dr. King. Current projects in collaboration with Dr. Claire Rinehart & Dr. Cheryl Davis.

TCS-I Introduction to Machine Learning, TCS-II Introduction to Machine Learning Part II, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Machine Learning Professional Development Intensive Bootcamp Part I for Teachers×212.jpeg×232.png Nature Masterclasses: Focus on Peer Review: