Interviews & Lectures

2017-02-13 – Visiting Professorship Lecturer, Cambridge University Centre for Gender Studies as the Diana Middlebrook and Carl Djerassi Visiting Professor of Gender Studies: “From The Right To Have Rights To The Critique Of Humanitarian Reason: Migrants And Refugees In Political Theory”.

2004-12-11 – Conversations with History: Yale political theorist Seyla Benhabib is UC Berkeley’s Harry Kreisler’s guest in a discussion of how political theory can further our understanding of globalization and its impact on the struggle for human rights.

2011-08-08: Lux Magazine, “Aflevering 3: Pleidooi voor gastvrijheid”

2012-03-15 – ConferĂȘncia: Seyla Benhabib – Twilight of Sovereignty

2012-00-00 – Reset-Dialogues Instanbul Seminars 2012, “Are Democracies Still Sovereign?

2011-11-29 – Straus Public Lecture: “Democratic Sovereignty and International Law: the Contemporary Debate”