Book – Monitors and Meddlers

From Monitors to Meddlers: How Foreign Actors Influence Local Trust in Elections, Sarah Sunn Bush and Lauren Prather, Cambridge University Press, 2022.

Summary: Foreign influences on elections are widespread. Although foreign interventions around elections differ markedly-in terms of when and why they occur, and whether they are even legal-they all have enormous potential to influence citizens in the countries where elections are held. Bush and Prather explain how and why outside interventions influence local trust in elections, a critical factor for democracy and stability. Whether foreign actors enhance or diminish electoral trust depends on who is intervening, what political party citizens support, and where the election takes place. The book draws on diverse evidence, including new surveys conducted around elections with varying levels of democracy in Georgia, Tunisia, and the United States. Its insights about public opinion shed light on why leaders sometimes invite foreign influences on elections and why the candidates that win elections do not do more to respond to credible evidence of foreign meddling.

For more: You can read the introduction here.¬†You may also be interested in a piece we wrote that draws on the book’s findings for The Conversation.

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