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Designing Online Language Courses; Where to Start?

The Center for Language Study at Yale has a special place in the hearts and minds of language Instructors at Yale. I was asked to speak to the participants in the CLS training sessions for Distance Language Teaching . It is always a pleasure to take part in their activities. Below is a copy of my presentation in the form of a video.

Share Fair 2019

Enhancing intercultural communication for Arabic Language Classes via the use of telecollaboration; What students think Always happy to take part and present in Yale CLS Share Fair event and share with my colleagues the fruits of projects I do for my classes. Hand out for attendees     

Webinar for Global Language Project

Using Technology in Teaching, shortcuts to effective strategies is a presentation that I gave for Global Language Project on March 28th 2019. The presentation looks at using technology in teaching language, and attempts to combine students’ feedback, expert advice and the teacher’s experience. Looking at teaching language with technology from these three perspectives aims at … Continue reading Webinar for Global Language Project

Including All Cs in One Language Lesson

Goal Areas for teaching language in the 21st century are : Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons and Communities (ACTFL World Readiness Standards for Learning Language). Can all these Cs be included in one lesson in an efficient, effective and easy way?CT This was the topic of my Council of Language Teachers/ Cromwell, CT (October 22, 2018): … Continue reading Including All Cs in One Language Lesson