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Planning for Project-Based Language Learning

Certificate of Completion from this year’s Summer Institute. This indicates fulfilling requirements equivalent to two graduate-level semester credits, encompassing the following activities:

  • developed and outlined a contextualized project-based language learning task;
  • fostered language proficiency development through the design of appropriate communicative events embedded in project-based language learning experiences;
  • employed effective scaffolding strategies for language, content, interactions, process, product, and use of technology;
  • designed effective assessments for project-based tasks;
  • used appropriate technology for supporting project-based language learning.

“Teacher Strong: Ready for Whatever Fall Throws at Us”

Two weeks ago, the New York Council for Teachers of Arabic held it’s first virtual summer institute under the title “Teacher Strong: Ready for Whatever Fall Throws at Us”. Over three days, over 75 Arabic language educators in and outside the US attended presentations that were devoted to designing engaging synchronous sessions as well as … Continue reading “Teacher Strong: Ready for Whatever Fall Throws at Us”

Designing Online Language Courses; Where to Start?

The Center for Language Study at Yale has a special place in the hearts and minds of language Instructors at Yale. I was asked to speak to the participants in the CLS training sessions for Distance Language Teaching . It is always a pleasure to take part in their activities. Below is a copy of my presentation in the form of a video.