Teaching Grammar; Engaging the Learners

Brings me great joy to accept the invitation that I get from NYATC to preset.

  • Presentation abstract:

Grammar is an integral part of the composition of any language and so is teaching it. And as such, experienced and new language educators alike share the desire of teaching grammar in the most effective way possible while also making sure that the learner is still engaged in the process. In order to reach this goal and fulfill this desire, the first step is to understand it and then work to achieve it.

This presentation will give a brief description of what grammar is, it’s components, main methods for teaching it, research-based advice on grammar pedagogy, ACTFL recommendations and policies concerning not only teaching but also testing grammar, as well as specific examples pertaining to teaching the grammar of Arabic language (MSA as well as Dialect).  A collection of recommended activities for teaching grammar will also be shared with the attendees.

During Presentation