Sabrosura is Yale’s Premier Latin Dance Team. Affectionately known as Sabro, Sabrosura is first and foremost a dance family. Founded in 2009 by members of the Dominican Students Association, Sabrosura aims to encourage and celebrate cultural expression through dance styles that largely originate from the Caribbean. We strive to create a space for students interested in Latin dance to learn, create, and teach with the Yale and New Haven communities.

Sabrosura brings together students interested in Latin American dance for the purpose of creating solidarity amongst the various cultures of Latin America. Sabrosura is a student-run organization whose performances feature a variety of musical genres and subgenres, such as salsa, merengue, bachata, and cumbia. Sabrosura culminates each semester in a showcase that features undergraduate students from all across Yale University who are passionate about Latin American dance and committed to enhancing cultural understanding within the Yale community. Auditions are held annually in September.

Mission Statement

Sabrosura’s mission is to promote and practice cultural expression and celebration through the medium of Latin dance. We hope to provide a space for students interested in Latin dance, regardless of their cultural backgrounds, to teach and share their love of Latin Dance with Yale and New Haven communities.

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