June 2023. Wei’s thesis work is on bioRxiv. Read about her discovery here.

November 2022. Kuldeep’s and Celena’s paper is published in eLife. Read it here.

Fall 2021. A belated welcome to our newest postdoc, Dr. Jess Sherry. We are so happy to have you join the group!

Spring 2021. We are so excited to have graduate students Liam and Jin Ho join the lab!

May 2020. We are awarded an R01 to study the mechanisms of asymmetric cell division in mycobacteria!

January 2020. The Rego lab’s newest member is born. 🙂

September 2019. The lab has our first retreat to the Yale OEC. A day of kayaking, cooking, swimming, and frisbee.

June 2019. Yao Lu joins as the lab’s newest graduate student, and Sam Zinga returns as a post graduate associate. Welcome!!

June 2019. The lab celebrates Wei’s and Celena’s birthdays!


March 2019. Congratulations to Wei and Celena who pass their qualifying exams!!! Woohoo!

December 2018. Maikel Boot is awarded a long-term fellowship from EMBO!!!!

October 2018. Kasia’s paper has come out in eLife! A wonderful collaboration between many groups.

August 2018 – Sam Zinga left the lab after an incredibly successful summer spent learning about gene expression in mycobacteria. Bon voyage, and keep in touch!

June 2018 – Hesper is a Pew Scholar! See the announcement here.

April 2018 – April turns out to be a busy month for the Rego lab. Hesper travels to a conference, comes back, and finds two graduate students have joined the lab! Welcome, Celena Gwin and Wei Ng! Let’s start discovering!

April 2018 – Hesper wins the Searle Scholars award! Honored to be included in such a talented group of young PIs.

April 2018 – Hesper travels to Boston to see Kasia Baranowski defend her thesis, which she does beautifully. Welcome to the club, Dr. Baranowski!

March 2018 – Kasia, Eric and Hesper upload a manuscript to Bioarxiv!  Check it out here.

February 2018 – Maikel Boot wins best microbiology thesis in the Netherlands. An amazing accomplishment! Congratulations, Maikel!

January 2018 – A belated welcome to our newest postdoc, Maikel Boot! Whiskey drinking commences.

November 2017 – Two rotations students join the madness. Welcome Wei, and Amelia!

June 2017 – Check out our Nature paper on LamA here and the associated News and Views! (See updated Research tab for more info…)

January 2017 – Happy New Year! Lab gets up and running – we welcome our first rotation student, Alex.

November 2016 – Lin Shao moves to Yale! A great addition to the Yale imaging community!

October 2016 – Kuldeep Gupta joins as a postdoc. Welcome Kuldeep!

August 2016 – The Rego lab starts.

Fall 2016 – The Rego lab will start in the Microbial Pathogenesis Department at Yale.