Day 4: Inhabiting Memories

The first lesson in our personal memory unit! We experience memories all of the time, but today’s class is about dehabituating those experiences and critically reflecting about what it means to remember and what it feels like. This is a really fun first introduction to these ideas!

Goals: for us to get a sense for what it feels like to inhabit a memory

Here’s everything you will need:


  • The small group storytelling circle is the most important piece of this class. Be prepare to explain it clearly to your students so that they know what is going on. It’s important that they don’t have much time to choose a memory before they start explaining it to their group. It should be a rapid ~10 second decision and then they should start sharing with their group. I would also suggest that you give students the option to opt out if they don’t want to share – you can always merge groups if someone in one group doesn’t feel comfortable sharing.

As always, please offer comments and suggestions in the comments below to help others who may want to use this lesson.

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