Session Descriptions

All sessions will be held in LC 211 from 7-8 pm unless noted otherwise.

Solar 101 (2/27/13): The basis of all subsequent sessions. We’ll go over basic definitions of solar technology and types of installations, then cover how much solar energy is currently and could be generated worldwide. We’ll finish by explaining the basic economics and current trends within the industry.

Solar 202 (3/6/13): Ever wonder how solar cells work, or what the different types of solar technology are? This session will give the essential concepts of solar cell operation and overview the technology’s evolution. We’ll conclude with a map of companies that offer products in each technology type. Come away with great party conversation regarding the advantages of cadmium telluride over amorphous silicon.

Calculating Solar Potential Workshop (3/27/13): What makes a good candidate for a solar installation? In this interactive session, we’ll start from square one – Choose a roof. Calculate how much sunlight it receives. Estimate how much electricity a system will produce over a given year. Then, of course, rule the universe. In the process, we’ll explore the larger factors that determine solar potential of different locations.

System Cost Workshop (4/3/13): How much will a solar system cost? Building on the electricity production calculated in the Potential Workshop, we’ll take the next step and determine the system cost and return on investment. See firsthand whether solar “makes economic sense” and where opportunities exist for cost reduction.