Solar 202

Solar 202 Powerpoint is available for download.

Notes are available here.

Video will be posted soon!

For Further Reading:

Science of PV:

–       Great overview of science behind photovoltaics

–       Clicking around this section of the EERE site will yield a lot of very accessible information of both the scientific and more practical nature

–       A bit out of date but pretty readable about the limits of photovoltaic production: K. Zweibel, Harnessing Solar Power: The Photovoltaics Challenge; Plenum Press, 1990

–       Focused more for people who want to build/install but still nice: R. J. Komp, Practical Photovoltaics: Electricity from Solar Cells, 3rd ed. revised, aatec publications, 2002

–       More details on organic solar cells: S. Sun, N. S. Sariciftci, Organic Photovoltaics: Mechanisms, Materials, and Devices [if you’re into that kind of thing]

–       Articles on up and coming technologies:

PV Companies:

–       Consolidation of the photovoltaic manufacturers

–       Current leaders in PV panel production (2012)

–       Company-specific developments: