We believe in the power of renewable energy to fundamentally transform our society. If you’ve always been interested in the field, but didn’t know where to start, then this training is made for you. We’ve designed the content to assume no previous experience in energy, and it won’t be a class or a rigorous scientific study of solar. Rather, we hope the training will be relentlessly practical to college students in particular. We want you to come away with both relevant skills and the background necessary to explore advanced topics in greater depth.

The program will consist of four sessions: Solar 101, Solar 202, Calculating Solar Potential Workshop and System Cost Workshop. Descriptions of each session are included here. We intend to post videos and course materials on this site after each is held, in case you have a scheduling conflict.

To take part, all we ask is that you complete a short registration here. The program is completely free and the registration isn’t binding, but having a feel for interest will help us plan accordingly. The email you provide will also allow us to communicate updates and special event information.

In addition, we are hosting speakers from throughout the solar world to supplement the material taught in the course, and participants in the training will gain access to private dinners and master classes with each guest. For more information, check out our speaker events page here.