Natarajan is invested in the public dissemination of science and is actively engaged in developing strategies to enhance numerical and scientific literacy for the public at large.

She has been serving on the Advisory Board of NOVA ScienceNow since 2009 and joined the Advisory Board of Scientific American in 2019.


Natarajan is frequently invited to give public science talks and a full list is available on her CV. Here are a few recent venues that she has spoken at:


  • Asimov Panel at the American Museum of Natural History, New York.
  • Lecture After Dark, Liberty Science Center, New Jersey.
  • Hay Festival, Wales, UK.
  • NPR – All Things Considered, 1A, The World.


  • Invited Talk at Annual MIT CSAIL Retreat; Invited Speaker at Jaipur Literary Festival in Houston, Maldives; Invited Speaker at How The Light Gets In Festival, London, UK.
  • Talk at Yale Reunions; Yale CWASS; Yale Alumni Association.
  • Invited Public Schrodinger Lecture, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland.
  • NPR – All Things Considered, RadioLab, Science Friday, Shortwave.


  • Interviewed on the Vox Podcast and Mindscape Podcast
  • Public Talk – Westport Astronomical Society, Secret Science Club
  • Invited Speaker – MIT CAST Unfolding Intelligence Conference; Templeton Big Ideas Series; Public Talk at Perimeter Institute, Jaipur Literary Festival in Houston, New York.
  • NPR – Morning Edition, IA, Science Friday, Shortwave.


  • Invited Speaker and Panelist at the World Science Festival, New York.
  • NPR – Science Friday, 1A
  • Public Talk Yale Club of New York; The Annual Lakshmi Raman Memorial Lecture, IIT Madras, Chennai, India; Annual Nelson Lecture, Georgia State University.
  • Interviewed on CBC Ideas Program.


  • Invited talk at the Secret Science Club; Invited talk at the Yale China Center; Dark Frontiers: The Science of Black Holes, webinar hosted by Scientific American.


  • Invited Lecture at the Royal Academy of Art, London U.K.
  • Keynote Lecture at the Council of World Affairs Conference Boulder, Colorado.
  • CIERA Distinguished Lecture, Northwestern University, Evanston.
  • Invited Lecture at the Jaipur Literary Festival in Houston & New York.
  • Invited talk at the New York Map Society, New York.
  • Invited talk at Institute for Contemporary Culture, Barcelona, Spain.


  • Simons Lecture, Simons Foundation, New York
  • Invited talk at Yale Alumni Reunions, New Haven.
  • The WTMA Roy Moon Distinguished Lecture, San Angelo, Texas.


  • Kameshwar C. Wali Lecture, Syracuse University, Syracuse.
  • The Annual Smithsonian Lecture, Washington D.C.