On-going project in collaboration with Google-X (Jack Hidary & Joe Tricot) team to develop new research platform to facilitate data-driven investigation of black holes. We consolidate and co-locate multi-wavelength observational data and data from cosmological simulations into a novel database structure QuasarNet. QuasardNet has been developed and optimized to use machine learning algorithms to make predictions for associations between supermassive black holes and their host galaxies. Pilot version of the project focuses on supermassive black holes at z > 3 and corresponding simulated slices from the The First Billion Years (FiBY) & Legacy Simulations

A slice from the Legacy simulation.

First paper in the series: QuasarNet: A research platform for the data-driven investigation of black holes, Natarajan, Tang, Khochfar, Nord, Sigurdsson, Tricot, George & Hidary (2020)