Members of my current research group, photo taken at a recent writing retreat.


Current PhD Students: Isaque Dutra, Shashank Dattathri, Barry Chiang.

Past PhD Students: Angelo Ricarte (2019); Markus Rexroth (2017) EPFL; Pedro Capelo (2012); Anson D’Aloisio & Andrew Davis (2011); International PhD students (co-advised): Ardis Eliasdottir (2009) at the Univ. of Copenhagen, Denmark; Marceau Limousin (2007) at the Univ. of Toulouse, France.

Current & Recent Postdocs: Colin Burke (NSF Fellow); Antonio Porras (Heising-Simons Fellow); Kung-Yi Su \& Angelo Ricarte (BHI, Harvard), Michael Tremmel (current faculty at University of Cork Ireland, former NSF Fellow at Yale);  Fabio Pacucci (currently Clay Fellow at Harvard); YCAA Prize Fellow Nico Cappelluti (faculty at Univ. of Miami currently); Bhaskar Agarwal (start-up in Munich); mentored Chiara Mingarelli (currently faculty at Yale, previously at CCA, Flatiron Institute; mentored Benny Trakhtenbrot (current faculty at Weizmann Institute, Israel)

Recent Graduate Research Project Students: Hyerin Cho (Harvard), Urmila Chadayammuri, Yarone Tokayer, Yotam Cohen, Darryl Seligman, Lamiya Mowla, Ryan Blackman, Tomomi Sugiyama.

Undergraduates: Anavi Uppal, Zack Andalman, Evan Linck, Jason Parisi, Alex Thomas, Luis Fernando Machado, Michelle Lapadula.

Recent Undergraduate Senior Thesis Supervision: Naomi Schwarzburt (2024), Anavi Uppal (2024), Zack Andalman (2023), Evan Linck (2015) and Jason Parisi (2016).

Recent Mentoring Activities as DUS: Scheduled regular mentoring meetings with all undergraduate majors and prospective majors; help with summer research placements.

Yale PhD Dissertation Committees: Kimmy Cushman (Physics), Aritra Ghosh (Astronomy), Luna Zagorac (Physics), Dhruba Datta Chowdhary (Astronomy), Uddipan Banik (Astronomy), Lamiya Mowla (Astronomy), Urmila Chadayammuri (Astronomy); Tonima Ananna (Physics); Meredith Powell (Physics); Shany Danieli (Physics), Lucy Tvrznika (Physics); Meredith Powell (Physics); Tonima Amina (Physics); Erica Nelson (Astronomy); Tomomi Sugiyama (Physics); Camille Avestruz (Physics); Fangzhou Jiang (Astronomy); Louis Kastens (Physics).

Recent External Dissertation/Evaluation Committees: Ashish Meena (IISeR, Mohali, India), Soniya Sharma (ANU); Tiantian Yuan (IfA, Hawaii); David Falcione (Univ. of Zurich, Switzerland), Edwidge Pezzulli (INFN, La Sapienza, Rome, Italy).

Mentoring women in Astronomy: Aside from informal mentoring of several of the women graduate students and several post-doctoral associates currently in the department, I mentor Dr. Erica Nelson (Yale, PhD 2014, currently faculty at UC Boulder); Dr. Mathilde Jauzac (Marseille, PhD 2012, currently Prize Fellow at Durham Univ.); Dr. Laura Blecha (Harvard, PhD 2012, currently faculty at the Univ. of Florida); and Dr. Julie Comerford (Berkeley, PhD 2008, currently faculty at the UC Boulder.)

Past Undergraduate Project Students: Evan Linck (senior in Physics, currently graduate student at UW Madison), Ben Horowitz (senior in Physics, currently graduate student at UC Berkeley ) worked on Flexion; Ashvin Srivatsa ( senior in Physics) worked on merger driven galaxy formation, Raghavendra Srinivas (Junior, NUS, visiting student at Yale) working on early  black holes;  Naomi Lisan (Recent Yale Graduate, WFF research project); Shannon Hill (Recent Divinity School Graduate, WFF research project);

Previous research group members (Post-doctoral fellows): David Goldberg (Octopole moments of the shear), faculty at Drexel Univ., PA; Nick Morgan (Lens redshift test), teaching high-school science at the Staples School, Westport, CT; Ken Rines (Galaxy orbits in clusters and cluster mass functions), faculty at Washington State University.

Previous research group members (Graduate Project Students):Camille Avestruz (AGN feedback); Amir Aazami (Substructure and the cusp and fold relations); Anne Abramson (Dwarf galaxies); Latchezar Benatov (Galaxy orbits in clusters); Pedro Capelo (Limitations of the lens-redshift test); Carie Cardamone (Differential Magnication of AGN); Juan Cortes (Consequences of overlapping halos); Andrew Davis (Mass reconstruction of clusters); Andres Escala (Combining Lensing, X-ray and S-Z data); James Gilmore (Cluster strong lensing and dark energy); Kwang-Ho Park (Orbital structure of clusters); Ryan Quadri (Lensing by misaligned halos); Katherine Whitaker (Early-type galaxies in Abell 2218).

Previous members (Undergraduate Thesis/Project Students): Badr Albanna (Redshift distribution of gamma-ray bursts), now graduate student at U.C. Berkeley; Peter Aronoff (Properties of the ICM); Taryn Flock (Flexion in clusters); Emily Neubauer (HI content of Virgo spirals); Sue Lin (Cascading Numerical Illiteracy in America) [Harvard: 2008-09]; Liyun Jin (Ancient Cosmogonies)[Harvard: Fall 2008]; Glen Meyerowitz (freshman, Class of 2013, Yale); Ben Horowitz (Flexion),  & Markus Rexroth (Flexion & Mass-sheet degeneracy).