The Poetics Reading Group brings together students and faculty across the humanities whose research is invested in the critical study and theory of poetics. Our discussions will consider recent critical trends and methodologies in poetics. As a basis for these discussions, we will read major historical works on poetics, prosody, and genre theory, and contemporary essays and books. We will also invite Yale faculty, graduate students, and visiting scholars to present their own work, published or in process. Although we are not inviting outside speakers at this time, if you are coming through and think your project would appeal to our group, or would simply like to join in for a session, please be in touch.

The group meets on a roughly monthly basis to discuss 2-3 texts. For 2017-18 our format will be for members to select a text or set of texts and give an informal introduction to spark discussion. The group also plans to hold one work-in-progress session each semester.