Greg Ellermann presents Veronica Forrest-Thomson (Poetic Artifice+)

Our first event of the 2017-2018 year will be Friday September 29th, 4pm, for a discussion of selections from Veronica Forrest-Thomson’s influential Poetic Artifice, recently reprinted and still a seminal study of poetry’s “imaginary orders.” Greg Ellermann, lecturer in English, is choosing the selection as well as several poems by VFT and JH Prynne. He has generously offered to open the discussion with a very short overview. The pdfs will be posted shortly under “Readings and Resources.” (We’ll send the password separately–or email Ben if you can’t find it). There will be beer, wine, and snacks.

Since this is our first meeting, we’ll go out for more food and drink afterward. Please RSVP if you want to join in — all are welcome. That will be a chance to discuss future readings and ideas for the group.

We’ll have similar events in October and November, to be announced. If you’d like to suggest material or present in some way, be in touch! If you want to be unsubscribed and can’t do it directly, we’re happy to help (email ben).

Looking forward to it!
Ben, Naomi, and Clay

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