When was the last time you consciously noticed digital marketing? Was it an advertisement at the end of a news article or a sponsored post that came up in your social media feed? Digital marketing can be found on almost all notable online platforms—from Instagram to Bloomberg—and it is so ubiquitous that we barely differentiate it from regular content. Digital marketing is a varied and diverse field that includes basic online advertising, guest posts on blogs, social media shout-outs, newsletter blasts, and more. While traditional offline marketing is generally static and only provides for one-way communication, digital marketing is a dynamic process that adapts to your audience and paves the way for interaction between your customer and your brand. Read on to learn how to affordably improve your digital presence!

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Of all the fields of digital marketing, search engine optimization or SEO is a particularly artful one. SEO refers to the process of improving the visibility and ranking of a web page in the organic (non-advertising) results of a search engine. Search engines, like Google, use thousands of mini software robots called crawlers to find pages on the Internet. These crawlers follow link after link across the network of websites until it finds a page that is unfamiliar to it. Then, it logs all the important elements of the page and sends it off to the search engine database to be indexed. Once a page is indexed, it will be eligible to appear on search engine results, although this could be as result 1 or result 5,000. Since 75 percent of users never click further than the first page of search results, it is imperative for brands who want substantial traffic to achieve a place on the first results page.

Of course, that is easier said than done. Especially when most other websites out there have the same goal. This is where SEO can work its magic. Through the years, SEO techniques have evolved in tandem with search engines refining their ranking algorithms. While the SEO of the past was as simple as specifying meta tags and including a paragraph of keywords or phrases mashed together at the top of a page, certain SEO techniques are now considered outdated and frowned upon by search engines. Reputable search engines such as Google want to deliver the best search experience to their users by referring them to the most relevant and timely content. Therefore, Modern SEO methods seek to define and improve the image of your page to search engines and convince them to place your page higher in the rankings.

Modern SEO professionals use a combination of methods, largely grouped into two categories: on-page and off-page. On-page SEO is about optimizing the pages of a website and can include a myriad of elements such as page structure, internal linking, keyword density, and more. It encompasses a major portion of a brand’s SEO strategy and is where site owners can exert the most control. While traditional SEO techniques have been limited to on-page SEO, there are now numerous actions taken by digital marketers outside of the original website that can lead to positive effects in search engine rankings. Off-page SEO refers to increasing the authority of your page (both to users and search engines) by building links and exposure for your brand. This could include something straightforward such as setting up a Google My Business profile or something complex such as forming working relationships with respected and influential domains.

Talk to a Professional

Unlike other types of digital marketing such as paid ads where you can immediately view the results of your investment, SEO efforts can take some time to accumulate results. However, when these results do come in, the difference they make to your brand awareness, site traffic, and sales figures can be enormous. Therefore, while many newbie digital marketers can dabble in basic SEO, it takes seasoned and experienced professionals to successfully strategize, track, and interpret the metrics that come with SEO implementation. That said, it can be tricky to find an affordable SEO services company that can deliver the desired results.

Marketing1on1 is a team of marketing professionals with over ten years of experience in building and fulfilling customized search engine optimization strategies. They provide affordable SEO expertise to small and large businesses all over the world and use updated best practice techniques to ensure the most effective organic SEO marketing for your brand. Marketing1on1 has a range of affordable SEO packages that are personalized for your brand’s marketing and ROI goals. This includes extensive research into your target market and competitors to determine the top search engine keywords, optimizing your existing web presence, and creating new content that will attract traffic and customer conversions.

Search engine optimization is a field of digital marketing that is extremely complicated and technical. Even so, it is essential for businesses seeking to stand out from the crowd to embrace it. By enlisting the help of SEO experts, brands can easily set themselves up to reap the long-term benefits of superior brand visibility and greater market share.