It’s easy to overlook all the great inventions and advancements that were needed in order to create the online gambling market today. Not only has online betting benefited from technological development throughout the years, but the demands of this market have also led to the development of new tools meant to make online betting easier and more secure. Here are some of the ways in which online casinos have led the way in web ingenuity over the years.

1 – Web design

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly how much the global gambling market is worth, but some sources estimate that around half a trillion dollars are spent on gambling every year. This includes not only casinos and online gaming, but also other games of chance, like bingos, lotteries, betting on track races, and more.

This vast wealth means that when casinos decided to take their operations online, they had the funds needed to pay for some of the best web designers in the world. To this day some of the most beautiful and well-optimized sites on the web still belong to online casinos. And while it is hard to trace the exact origin of web design origins, it’s safe to assume that a few of the web design tools and best practices we use today were originally made popular after being implemented by a big casino.

2 – Security

Few industries are as dedicated to online security as the casino industry. And since online casinos can be an easy source of revenue for any hacker that can bypass or trick their systems, they are also prime targets for all manner of cyberattacks. As a result, online casinos have historically invested a lot of money into staying ahead of the curve in terms of online security, and many of the security features we take for granted today were common in online casinos long before they became an international standard.

Nowadays casinos are getting even more creative with how they implement security measures and protect their customer data. Ninja Casino for example has put together a system that allows gamblers to play games and earn money without even having to create an account.

3 – Online payments

Casinos were among the first to introduce fast and secure online payment solutions. As you can imagine, casino managers were very interested in making sure players could both deposit funds for gambling and withdraw their winnings with as little hassle as possible.

4 – Mobile applications

The same forces that made casinos a major player in the web design world also make them a prominent figure when it comes to app development. Nowadays consumers expect to be able to gamble from their phones, and while some casino apps are ok at best, many of the biggest casinos in the market have also produced some of the best apps available for mobile devices. These excel not only at security but also at design and optimization, making the apps as appealing and easy to use as possible.

5 – Artificial intelligence

The public at large may not always realize, but online casinos regularly make use of some of the most advanced AI tools that money can buy, and some casinos even develop their own machine learning algorithms.

These are often put in service of watching player behavior and finding ways to make the casino website more engaging. This includes figuring out which games to put on the front page, offering clients special deals, and more.