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The Intersection of Social Responsibility and Finance: The New Mandate for Healthcare Companies

Author: Sheetal Nariani “Creating a strong business and building a better world are not conflicting goals – they are both essential ingredients for long-term success,” – Bill Ford Over the past couple of years, socially responsible businesses have been trending,… Continue Reading →

Privacy: More Important Than Ever

The internet has spearheaded a complete overhaul in the way we live our lives. In many ways, our quality of life has undoubtedly increased. However, it has been at the cost of a loss of freedom in many areas. Inequality… Continue Reading →

Political Movements in America

Let’s take a look into the (relatively) short history of American politics, since settlement by the British. We’ll cover north america before it federated into the union of the United States, as well as the resulting two-party system,it’s victories and… Continue Reading →

Urban Sprawl: A Growing Problem

Urban sprawl is a form of unplanned urban and suburban development that takes place over a large area and creates a low-density environment with a high segregation between residential and commercial areas with harmful impacts on the people living in… Continue Reading →

The Healthcare Debate

Introduction In this article, we discuss the elements commonly raised as part of the ongoing and current debate on healthcare in the United States. You may be surprised to learn that the US is different from the rest of the… Continue Reading →

Protecting The People

This is an opinion piece about how regulation protects the public from bad companies who act in their own self interest, at the expense of the greater good (the public). We cover topics such as privacy, the speed that regulations… Continue Reading →

Longevity Research and its Political Consequences

Currently a member of the working class has three distinct stages of life. Youth, which prepares you for the world including learning, growth, puberty, self-discovery and sexuality. Adulthood, in which your best years are spent living life and doing hard… Continue Reading →

Education and Social Mobility

Education is universally acknowledged to be of huge long term benefit in developing and developed countries alike. In highly developed countries, such as in North America and Western Europe, young people sometimes pursue much higher levels of education than is… Continue Reading →

Two Weeks Later: Will President Trump Concede Defeat?

It has now been sixteen days since the US election took place, but current President Trump shows no signs of slowing down his efforts to overturn the result of the election which showed a clear victory for Joe Biden. Biden… Continue Reading →

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