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Can Military Skills Benefit Businesses?

At the age of 30, an armed forces veteran might have already chalked up years of experience managing multiple teams of subordinates and fleets of expensive military vehicles. While military veterans are often overlooked in the private sector due to… Continue Reading →

Finding Career Opportunities as a College Student

Finding a job during or after college can be a struggle for anyone, no matter your background or field of study. Particularly in the U.S., the job market tends to be overly competitive. As a result, the chances of landing… Continue Reading →

The Importance of Maintaining Your Mental Health as a Student

One important — and often understated — part of your job as a student is looking after your mental health. Yes, college is work, it’s not meant to be a joy ride, you’re here to learn and prove yourself and… Continue Reading →

What Makes America’s Roads So Dangerous?

Each year, tens of thousands of people die while traveling on roads and highways throughout the United States. Poor road design, impaired drivers and lack of access to emergency services all play a role in causing fatal accidents to happen…. Continue Reading →

An Eye on Anime in 2021

No-one is going to look back at 2021 and say it was uneventful, but no-one will look back and say much happened, either. That’s perhaps the way things are during a pandemic, when suddenly the world is on hold. As… Continue Reading →

The Advantages of Being Bilingual

Language is one of the defining characteristics of humans. It is an interplay between culture, geography, and biology and is the one thing capable of connecting billions of people. At the time of writing, there are over 6,000 languages spoken… Continue Reading →

Encouraging Students to Be More Sustainable

Encouraging sustainability in schools and on campus is always a worthy cause. After all, even if we could fix all of the world’s environmental problems with the snap of a finger, making sure we don’t unnecessarily waste our drinking water… Continue Reading →

Helping Students Take Better Care of Their Health

While the youth of today is probably more health-conscious than any generation before them, the pressure of university life can still push students to ignore their own health. Young people are also more likely to underestimate the long-term consequences of… Continue Reading →

Taking Care of Your Child’s Mental Health During the Pandemic

The pandemic has taken a toll on everyone around the world. With everything being so hectic, sometimes it is easy to forget that young children can be affected as well. Being cooped up at home, a lack of socialization, and… Continue Reading →

Is it Time for a Change in Scenery?

Spending the last year with the COVID-19 pandemic has brought us a tide of new experiences. When the pandemic lockdowns first started and we were sent home from our classrooms and offices, we had to face the sudden adjustment to… Continue Reading →

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