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July 2021

The Adventures of Software Developers

Everybody loves a great adventure. From Dorothy’s travels along the Yellow Brick Road to Frodo’s eventful journey through Middle-earth, we are excited and enthralled by notions of exploration. Humans are a naturally inquisitive species. So, we get distracted, spend our… Continue Reading →

The Neurological Effects of Gambling – Yale Gambling Center of Research Excellence

Dr. Marc Potenza and Yale’s Gambling CORE (Center of Research Excellence) conduct research on gambling behaviors, including the role that human brain activity plays in the development of pathological gambling. Dr. Potenza, a doctor of psychiatry at the Yale School… Continue Reading →

Maximizing the Milestones in Manufacturing

Manufacturing has come a long way since man started to develop mechanical parts to perform manual labor. What was simply an attempt to save time and effort has now become the driving force for innovation. Over the centuries, mechanical manufacturing… Continue Reading →

Natural Herpes Cure Poised to Overcome Social Stigma, Limitations of Antivirals

New treatment alternative offers discreet and effective way to help patients Herpes is one of the world’s most prevalent viruses – nearly half a billion patients worldwide suffer from genital herpes and billions more report oral herpes infections. Yet, despite… Continue Reading →

The Developing World of Biotechnology During and After COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted more facets of life than we can imagine. Many have struggled through financial and health-related issues throughout the length of the pandemic. Numerous industries around the world have also been dealt a financial blow over… Continue Reading →

Computer Vision, Then And Now

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most widely-discussed and debated technologies of the 21st century. Within that rapidly-evolving field, the most exciting developments are happening under the umbrella of “Computer Vision”. When a human being sees something, the raw light… Continue Reading →

The Way Forward for Small Businesses

As the pandemic ends, many small businesses are showing increasing optimism about the future and the growth of the US economy. Many businesses are confident that they will be able to hire more personnel going forward. 28% of businesses intend… Continue Reading →

The Benefits of Continuing Education After College

It doesn’t matter how long students stay at college, at some point they’ll move on to the job market. However, finishing college doesn’t mean that former students should be done with classes and learning in general. There are plenty of… Continue Reading →

A Sustainable Future for Luxury Fashion

A lot has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic descended upon us and destroyed best-laid plans around the world. Even as the Biden government rolls out the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan following a series of federal stimulus bills, economic recovery… Continue Reading →

Being Young and Taking Risks

As a young member of society, how many times have adults told you the phrase, “don’t do it, it’s too dangerous”? Yet, all the more, you feel inclined to proceed with said thing or activity. Despite the warnings, why does… Continue Reading →

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